Out of the Blue

  • Adrien's footfalls echoed ominously as he walked down the path. On either side of him, the world dropped away into oblivion. All around him was a dense blue fog, like he was walking in a huge, oblong bubble. He could clearly see the lighter blue outline of clock faces drifting around.
      Adrien was a light tan furred otter. tall and not overly muscular, he cut a smart figure in his white T-shirt, black lab coat, and dark glasses that hid his purple eyes. His heavy black boots thudded against the path's surface.
      As he walked briskly down the surreal pathway, he looked once again at a a small piece of paper torn from a book. At the top, it read, "Missing person records." Most of the page was dominated by the profile of one, "Stoattius." Lower down, it read that Stoattius had gone missing in 1217, never to be seen again. This development worked out wonderfully for Adrien's purposes.
      He marched on, then, out of nowhere, a door materialized in a cloud of sand like particles forming together.
      Adrien stopped in front of the door and looked at it. After a long pause, he pulled an old, Victorian era pocket watch from his coat pocket and clicked it open. Instead of a clock face on the inside, it had a glowing blue grid. He held up the watch and held it up to the door, so the back of the watch touched the wood.
      A holographic display appeared, cast by the watch grid. It read…

    Mossflower wood
    April 14, 1217
    10:26:44  A.M.

    He smiled and clapped the watch closed again, placing it back in his pocket. Reaching out a paw, he gripped the handle of the door, turned it, and stepped through, materializing in a cloud of particles, right in front of Stoattius.

  • The room had square straight walls made of smooth white washed stone, the ceiling, a spherical  masterpiece of circular artwor. Upon the stone trim of the sphere indent in the top of the room, there were engraved demons and dancing figures. Around, there we're various nice pieces of furniture, a lovely table set with  silver cutlery, chairs tables, not scattered about, neatly placed. The room served as a living and dining area.
    Stoattius sat slanted in a large luxurious chair in front of a portal of a fireplace, to his right a table with blood red wine (perhaps associated with his bloody victories), and an ashtray.
    His dull bleak expression had no association with his inner self. His mind however was soaring through the various colored skies of emotion, plunging into the deep crevasses of endeavor, floating through the various rivers of the mind, eventually leading out to a sea of ideas, he would trek through life's jungles, stepping in puddles of memory, meeting previous encounters with souls, he would pardon them and move along, there would be a rainfall of mistakes and a handful of accomplishments, he would be caressed up to the highest points of taste and excitement and stabbed into the lowest points of gloom, and then, there would be the uncertainty of not knowing what would happen ahead, what would be beyond the beyond? Of course he did not have the answer, perhaps an entirety would, Stoattius truly sat there  pondering the existence of the universe, what else would he be doing? He reassured himself that he was not insane due to a fatal interest of thinking too much.
    He had a pipe in his mouth, it was slanted downwards and wedged between his teeth, in ways it acted as the barrier to keep him from constantly staying in dreamland, yet at other points it came along with him for the ride. He could of not realized that someone had entered his home for hours, it all depended on his train of thought, he had sat there not blinking, not moving, but inside his mind nothing was motionless. He snapped out of it and came back into the depressing reality of a subtle life. Stoattius looked to his right and saw a strange figure.
    "Wot the!" He was startled and fell back over the chair, causing the pipe to fall on the carpet and spill ash, and the wine to spill on the wooden floor.
    "I thought I told you fools no to interrupt-" Stoattius croaked as he picked himself up and stood over the fallen chair. He dusted off his black and gold silk bath robe and questioned the stranger.
    "Stranger, Who are you! Why are you here!" Stoattius edged backwards towards his weapon cabinet.

  • Adrien stood beside Stoattius, his paws folded behind his back and his face blank. The Stoat sat in his chair, staring off at nothing, obviously deep in thought. After several seconds, the stoat blinked and glanced over at Adrien. At the sight of the strange otter he recoiled, falling off his chair, "Wot the!"
      After a moment, he picked himself up and dusted himself off, "Uh… hello stranger. who are you! Why are you here!" The stoat started to edge toward a cabinet, no doubt filled to the brim with weapons.
      Adrien smiled slightly, "Hello Stow. May I call you Stow? I can understand your anger at having your space invaded, but I must warn you that if you continue toward that cabinet," Grasping something behind his back, Adrien leaned sideways and down slightly, drawing a sword down out of its scabbard. He swept it up as he straightened, cutting a line in the floor. He twirled the sword effortlessly in his paw and rested the flat of the blade on his shoulder, "I may have to leave empty handed."

    (OOC: Adrien's sword looks like this, http://penblade-the-bard.deviantart.com/#/d2t3veq and go to 1:36 in this trailer to see how he draws it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HlneJ7W7lAc&feature=channel.)

  • Stoattius, upon seeing a weapon drawn, leaped backwards towards the cabinet, opened it's small doors and lunged inside reaching for an iron spear, as it was well organized he did not cut himself, as a villain he wasn't entitled to be messy. The dark gray and rusted metal bloody tip of the  of the spear, and it's blood-stained dark wooden tinged burgundy grip made the spear a ghastly looking weapon. Stoattius used the spear as leverage to gain distance from the otter, Stoattius stepped backwards and in circles, the spear being its rotating diameter, careful not to trip over anything, the spear bobbed up and down, back and forwards as he weaved over chairs, and dodged the fireplace. He still kept his eye on the otter.
    "Explain! Before you find yourself transfixed and used as decoration in my trophy room!"

  • Adrien watched as the stoat lunged at the cabinet and drew a jagged, bloody spear from it, "Explain! Before you find yourself transfixed and used as decoration in my trophy room!"
      The otter glanced at the open arch to Stoattius' trophy room and saw several beasts stuffed and posing. He gulped and looked back at Stoattius, "Alright. I'll explain, but I'll tell you here and now, you won't believe me until I show you," He took a deep breath, idly swinging his sword by one finger in front of him like a pendulum, "Well, my name is Adrien Alorez, and I am twenty seven years old. I am from around here, but not for at least fifteen hundred years. You see… I'm from the future. In the year 2763, Mossflower is very different. Imagine, for a moment, that all the trees in the world were made of metal and belched smoke, oh, and the sky is a sickly, olive green. That's pretty much my world, and I came here to get your help in changing that." He waited for Stoattius to react before continuing.

  • Stoattius's facial expressions creased downwards until you could almost see the corners of his mouth edging off his chin. A number of thoughts ran through his mind. Clearly, he has not seen any beast with such imagination approach Stoattius the Butcher, nor with a beast with such confidence in such a ludicrous story.
    "Right, if you leave now I won't track down and murder your family, right then be gone!" He felt sure that the otter would be gone.

  • The corners of Adrien's lips curled up in a tiny smile. He replaced his sword in its scabbard and reached into his coat, "Very well Mr. Stoattius. I will away with myself," Taking out the pocket watch, he clicked it open and pressed his thumb in the middle of the glowing grid. Suddenly, a whirlwind of sand-like particles without the wind kicked up. They swirled around in a tornado then solidified into a door with a bright blue flash, in the middle of the room.
      Stepping forward after putting his watch back in his pocket, Adrien opened the door wide and stepped back again so Stoattius could see. Within the door, the blue pathway with fog all around ran off into infinity, "Well, I guess I'll be going now. So sorry to have wasted your time with that silly story Mr. Stoattius. Goodbye," He took a step toward the door, nodding respectfully to Stoattius.

  • "WAIT! Sit! Explain!" Stoattius shouted in attempts that Adrien would turn around. What provoked Stoattius to say that was not a mystery, of course, he wanted to gain this futuristic technology and use it to rule over Mossflower with an iron fist.

    OOC: Sorry for such a short post 😛 gotta include your side of the story

  • Adrien turned back to Stoattius and smiled, "I thought you'd feel that way." He closed the door and it disintegrated back into the air. He walked over to a chair and sat down comfortably, folding his paws on his knees. He motioned for Stoattius to sit, "Come now Stow, sit. Get comfortable. Believe me, you won't want to be standing when I tell you this."
      He waited for Stoattius to sit, then continued, "As I mentioned before, prier to your death threats on my relatives, I am from the year 2763. The world is, to put it plainly, in a very shucked up state. Everyone; huh, except the mice of course; are slaves, while the mice themselves live it up in their massive red citadel. Red citadel, sound familiar? Any questions so far?"

  • "Red…wall? What is this citadel, expand on the matter, I would like to know how they conquered! What was their plan, their technology! Where can I find it... Sorry, I lost myself do continue but... weren't the mice  supposed to be peaceful creatures?" Stoattius watched how Adrien's face changed emotion as he responded.

  • Adrien frowned and removed his glasses, revealing his bright purple eyes, "Yes. Indeed, in the beginning, they were peaceful. It started, actually… it will start in only about a month. A disease, an epidemic, a plague if you will, will spread across the world. The doctors and medics at Redwall will start collecting fur and feather samples from all the sick, attempting to find a cure."
      "For almost seven hundred years, the sickness will reign supreme across the face of the planet, killing all those it infects in exactly fourteen days and five hours after infection. During those seven hundred years, Redwall will steadily build up its defenses, because when you get the sickness, on the third day, you revert to some sort of beastial state and go all psycho aggressive."
      "Eventually, the Redwall physicians will find a partial cure. It will protect you from the sickness, but only for fourty eight hours, after that, you have to get another injection of the cure. Beasts'll flock from all over the world to get the cure. In order to get it though, they've got to have something to trade. Where Redwall was once ruled by fair and generous creatures, time, mixed with the stress of the sickness, will harden their hearts and make them cold."
      "Since most beasts won't have anything, they offer their paws instead, offer to work for the cure. For eight hundred years the same deal will be made countless times. Gradually, a line will be drawn between mice and the rest of the world, until the mice work in the red citadel, living like kings with the Redwallers, while everyone else lives in shanty towns around the citadel. Placed intermitently throughout the towns, will be the factories, where the beasts go to work every day for a shot of the cure."
      "And as if a dependance on the cure wasn't enough to keep us at bay, the Redwallers will build large machines that move and walk like normal beasts, only they'll be made of metal and be immune to the disease. We call them robots, and with the fur and skin samples taken from everyone, they can track you and kill you no matter where you go."
      Adrien sat back in his chair and put his glasses back on, "Understand so far?"

  • Stoattius sat for a while trying to reconcile all that with modern day life, he did not care if the whole world was plagued with disease, as long as he was safe and ruling something he would find happiness. Of course, he did command a small army of vermin, he had dreams of conquering more than just a part of Mossflower wood Stoattius, upon seeing that he was important, was going to propose a deal with the otter, follow him into the future, and do whatever, but once he had gained the power of teleportation and time travel, he could then, cheat Adrien. Using future world technology, He could teleport back in time and rule all of Mossflower and beyond, then the obvious question popped into this head.
    "And, Why do you need me?" Stoattius was excited.

  • Adrien continued to frown, "Because according to the history books, sometime in the next five to twelve hours, you're going to vanish from existence. Disappear and never be seen again. Therefore, removing you from the timestream now, will not cause a time paradox. If I did cause a paradox, even just let somebeast see me, it could quite literally tear the universe to shreds, destroying everything that ever existed, or ever will exist. But that doesn't matter, because I would never be wreckless enough to… Hey, are you okay? Lookin' a bit pale there. But anyway, You are also an ideal choice because the Redwallers wouldn't have your DNA on file, so the robots couldn't track you."

    (OOC: he's an otter)

  • Stoattius thought and tried to make it look as if he knew everything that was going on.
    "So I need to go with you in the next five to twelve hours? Right then, lets get to it. An oppertunity of a lifetime can't be turned down can it? I would be glad to be of service to you, uh… Adrien." Stoattius felt a sick satisfiying feeling that he had truly something devilishly magical. The possibilities! he almost screeched at the thought, for that frown was now reverted into a smile.

  • Adrien smiled at Stoatius, but he felt uneasy. He had expected the attempted homicide, but Stoattius had taken everything after that phenomenally well. He reminded himself that, no matter how compliant of friendly Stoattius was, Adrien was still working with a seasoned, cut throat warlord. Of course, that was why Adrien had picked him in the first place, among other, more confidential reasons…
      "Excellent. Now I hope you've thought this through 'cause that seemed a little quick. If you do this, and agree to help me, you can never come go back to your own time, just a little warning there. Now then, I would assume you have a weapon that you're efficient with? You'll want to take that. Oh, and put these on. They'll help you blend in," Taking a shirt and pants from inside his coat, Adrien tossed them to Stoattius, along with a pair of sunglasses.
      He waited a few minutes for Stoattius to change, "You ready?"

  • "Yes, but I need to take care of some matters before I go, please, make your self comfortable, I can send someone to get tea for you." Stoattius backed off away from the otter and opened the door and walked out. Stoattius took a breath of the fresh evening air, he knew the garrison wouldn't exactly be a breath of fresh air. He trodded down the path up to the lit up garrison, where you could hear music and laughter and shouting. Stoattius sighed, then entered. For a moment, before any beast noticed he was there, he frowned, he would leave his army behind, with someone else. Upon some beasts noticing him the chatter died down and all eyes we're upon Stoattius.
    "My comrades, you have all fought well and served brilliantly by my side, but alas, no one can here forever, various more plunders and battles await you, as always you will come out on top, you all had brains, and used your weapons well, now, on that note I would like to bid you all farewell, and I will leave another in charge, but lets not bicker and argue about who it is. Goodbye."
    Stoattius then walked to a table where chiefs and higher ranks sat.
    "Evening all, Kragnar, come with me I wish to speak with you." Stoattius nodded at the officers sitting around the table. Kragnar was a grayish Stoat with a white scare underneath and above his right eye. He had a large black cloak with a black trench-coat.
    "Yes my liege?" He responded.
    "I need you to be in power while I am away, so I'm promoting you to the master of all these beasts, serve them well, goodbye friend." Stoattius had always liked Kragnar, for the way he acted, his honesty, his intelligence and wit, he would serve well as a leader. Before Kragnar could have a say Stoattius walked at fast pace and left the garrison not wanting to have contact with any other beast, again, he took a breath of the fresh evening air, perhaps it would be his last, he walked back to the house, opened the door to see Adrien relaxing on a chair. Stoattius  briefly nodded as he opened the door, walked over to a shelf, where he took a packet of tabacco off the top, he walked over to the small table next to the chair where Adrien sat and took the smouldering pipe, blew on it and dropped it into a pocket in his coat. Stoattius muttered two words.
    "Let's go!"

  • Adrien smiled and leapt up from the chair, "Very good! Might I say, you look good in your new outfit. I like the shades," He commented while pulling out the watch. Putting his thumb on the pad, the mysterious door appeared once again. Opening it, Adrien beckoned for Stoattius to follow, "Come on. Bit of a walk. Also a bit overwhelming for a first time time-traveler," He walked through the door with Stoattius behind then closed the door from the other side. It disintegrated into nothing, leaving no trace of Stoattius left in the world.

    As they began their walk along the infinite, straight hallway, Adrien told Stoattius about the Rebels.
      "The Rebels are a group of beasts that, for all intents and purposes, do not nor ever did exist, including me. Hidden from birth, our DNA was never entered into the Redwall Database, meaning we, like you, cannot be traced by the robots. Seeing the plight of the people from the various places we were hidden, we decided to join together and fight the Redwallers."

    (OOC: Abrupt end to the post, I know.)

  • Stoattius felt weird in the gut, about as wierd as when he was startled by the otter, the same sickly feeling of morbid curiosity and being lost in a mess. The pressure nozzle on Stoattius's mouth exploded and a slew of questions spurred out
    "So you could not use any of the beasts from this time because I disappeared from the time line? Then who picked me out in the first place? So that would mean that the you of the future would go back and get me? What does that mean in the first place, why was I chosen firstly? This is all very bally well confusing." Stoattius questioned the otter in hopes for a simplistic answer, yet doubtful at the uncertainty of him still in a dream, whether it be awake or not.

  • Adrien chuckled under his breath, "Okay. I must admit, I don't fully understand it myself, but here goes. Hmmm, perhaps I can explain why I chose you, and yes, I'm the one that chose you, in a way you'll understand. Now… let's say I went back to before you were born. If I appeared in a place where your father could see me, instead of noticing your mother, saying hello to her, getting into a relationship, and having you, he saw me and was distracted. Now, that one, tiny detail would alter the future, so you wouldn't be born. Then none of your descendants would be born and so on and so forth, completely messing up the time stream."
      "As to why you're special, you were about to vanish anyway, so taking you out of the time stream doesn't make a difference. And yes, the future me did go back to get you."
      Suddenly, to their left, a door appeared. Adrien held up a paw to pause and pulled out the watch. He held it up to the door and as holographic date appeared in midair...

    Mossflower Country
    April 14, 2263
    10:26:44 A.M.

    "Nope. This isn't our stop. Wrong century," He walked on past the door and it disintegrated, "Onward!"

  • Stoattius, upon seeing something disintegrate nothingness as they moved forward, stuck close to the otter frantically, a final twig snapped inside his brain, and a crazed leak of insanity came pouring out, he walked now with a twitch, as though he had finally noticed that this all could not be real, what the otter was saying about the mice and slaves and disease now was irrelevant, he did not wish to hear about any of that at the moment, what now mattered is what was surrounding.
    "Ex..ex..traordinary!" Stoattius was now frantically speaking with stutters and haste. "I wonder if you could… pass other beasts in this dimension!" Stoattius ripped off the shades smiling, his uncanny dilated pupils and his shaky sweat, Stoattius truly had the resemblance of a madman.

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