Down The Mole Hole: 2

  • Penblade's foot falls echoed around the cellars as he marched down the stairs in search of a special drink for Tristin's birthday dinner. He held a torch high and looked around at the barrels and casks piled everywhere. He leaned low and found he had to walk on all fours with the torch in his mouth to see the labels on the low barrels. He searched for ten minutes, steadily making his way back toward the back wall of the cellar. He was so engrossed in trying to find a suitably special drink for Tristin that he didn't notice the wall until he walked headfirst into it.
    His head connected with a clunk. Penblade stood and rubbed his head, taking the torch in a paw again, "Ow! I hope Tristin appreciates this," He muttered. As he rubbed his head, he looked at the ground and saw something peculiar. The stone at his feet was light tan, whereas the stone everywhere else was rosy red. The tan stone formed a twenty foot square on the ground, with Penblade in its middle. It also looked like the stone was poorly laid, as if somebeast had put it down hastily. It sagged slightly in the middle, where Penblade stood.
    Penblade looked at the stone beneath his feet and a crack appeared. He groaned as the stone sagged more and cracks spider-webbed across the stone, "Aw, seasons. Not again."
    The stone gave way with a thunderous boom and Penblade's bellow could be heard all around the abbey as he and the stone fragments tumbled into the black and his torch went out, "CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!!"

  • Danker was back on his way to the abbey for a little stay while.He had thought about all the stuff that has changed in a single year.As he neared the abbey's gate,he felt like he did the first time he got there.Elated and joyous.He got his iron ball and tapped it on the abbey gate."Hello?Any body home?It's an old friend come back again!"He sing sanged.

  • Mars sat in the big armchair in the gatehouse, trying to take a nap, when he heard someone knock on the gate. He squeezed his eyes tighter and attempted to ignore the noise, but the visitor persisted.
      Mars sighed and got up, nearly tripping over You, who had been curled up at his feet. Mars cursed under his breath as You started bouncing around, loping circles around Mars as the gruff, warlike squirrel walked over to the door. He left the gatehouse, squinting his one eye against the sunlight with You right behind him.
      "You wonder who it could be," You said happily.
      "Not really," Mars answered as they made for the gate. Mars didn't much like You's odd form of speech.
      He reached the shade of the gate and opened it with his hook. He looked out at the visitor and frowned slightly, "Oh… it's you." He yelled as You catapulted past him and tackled Danker, licking his face ecstatically.

  • Danker gasped and tried pushed You off him."Get off!Off….Please!"He managed to push You off and walked into the abbey's proper."Hey shorty."Danker greeted Mars."You haven't been skipping school have you little babe.Um...who is that?"He pointed to You.

  • "I hate you. I really really hate you," Mars greeted Dester pleasantly, then stuck a thumb at You, "That would more or less be Redwall's new mascot. He calls himself You. You'll get used to him eventually."
      You jumped onto Danker's back for a piggyback ride, "YAY! You have a new friend!… I am a friend, aren't I? I'm not like those cruel otters from the north, am I?"

  • (I'm altering her age in her profile just a tad. Then what I said makes a bit more sense. Not like it matters That much…)

    Kalina Rakonza Wildheart was making her way through Mossflower. If any normal beast saw her, they would have thought she was lost and slightly odd. But this was not at all the case. She was a tracker, and very familiar with finding her way in a vast woodland. Her forest green clothes made her blend in perfectly. But today she wasn't worried about being caught or hunted down by anything... Her odd way of looking back and forth and ducking suddenly to stare at the ground was all just a part of making sure she kept on the right path.

    Now we are wondering... where was she headed? Oddly enough, back to the place she had run away from roughly a year before. Back to the place she had fled from because she didn't want to help aid anymore thoughtless killings. Now she had come herself. Silently, but humbly. Wanting a place where she could stay for a while. Without constantly searching for her food each day. Or dodging ragged bands of vermin, out for an easy kill. She was bound for the quiet, peacefull, Redwall Abbey.

    She kind of doubted they would let a young, fully-armed, red fox past their gates. Oh well, she wouldn't be to disappointed if they turned her away.


    Coming up to the gates now, after successfully locating the Abbey (which wasn't that hard once she got close to it), she stared up at the great Abbey. It was quite an impressive thing. Even to someone who had seen it before. She raised a paw and gave a quick rap on the Abbey gate.

  • Mars was just about to go back to the gatehouse and try to continue his nap when there was another knock on the gate. Swearing loudly this time, he turned and marched angrily back to the gate. He yanked it open quickly and glared at the young fox, "So who are you? Danker's sister or something? Scratch that, I don't care. Just get in here and let me get some sleep already," He turned and walked away, not bothering to pay attention to Kalina's response.

  • "Yes I'm your friend!I'm your friend!Get off I'm a fox not a badger!"He fell back on You in huff."Hello fello fox!How you be?Get off You."

  • "So who are you? Danker's sister or something? Scratch that, I don't care. Just get in here and let me get some sleep already."

    "Danker…? But I... I'm just a..."

    "Yes I'm your friend!I'm your friend!Get off I'm a fox not a badger![…]Hello fello fox!How you be?Get off You."

    "What the…" Kalina turned and saw the fox. "My name's Kalina Wildheart. Why do you talk like that?" Kalina was slightly confused. She wondered if all abbey beasts acted this way.

  • Digger had been looking in the Mossflower woods for more stone whn he heard a knocking on wood. He walked in the direction he had heard the sound. When he felt the sun and he felt the stone of the abbey Redwall he walked toward the main gate saying "Is anyone there?" while knocking on the stone with his cane.

  • He looked a Kailen."No I don't talk like that,the otter dose.His name is You."He finally got looses of You and and properly greeted Kalina."I'm Danker,and look over there a blind mole."He pointed at Digger.

  • "Who said that?" Digger asked as he walked toward the voice.

  • You scrambled out from beneath Danker and loped in several circles around Kalina, barking happily. Then he stopped and spotted Digger, "MOLE!!!" He yelled excitedly, bowling the blind mole over, "You love moles!"
      You suddenly sat bolt upright and tilted his head. He flicked an ear as someone far away yelled.

  • "Who is that yelling?" Digger said as he got up.

  • "No I don't talk like that,the otter dose.His name is You."

    "Ooh… Hey there You..." She was still getting over her first shock at seeing the odd white otter.

    "I'm Danker…"

    "Pleased to meet you Danker." Said Kalina with a smile at the other fox. "Apparently the gatekeeper mistook me for somebeast who might be your sister."

    "…and look over there a blind mole."

    Kalina looked in the mole's direction.

    "Hello…" she was interrupted.



    "Who is that yelling?"

    "I can't say I have any idea…" muttered the fox.

  • (Epic announcer voice)

    Penblade landed facefirst with an echoing boom. He lay there motionless as rubble and pebbles rained down around him. He groaned quietly and started to stir, "Mine is the worst luck in the world," He muttered, pulling his arms in and pushing himself up. He started to stand but the instant he tried to put weight on his right footpaw, it flared in pain. He yelled in agony and collapsed to his knees, grimacing, "Well, things seem to be much more serious this time. Ow!! Well… I hope someone wonders where I went," He lay down on his back, looking at the darkness all around, "cause it would appear I am currently screwed."

  • Danker looked around the proper."Where's Tris?Is he here?"His ears pricked up at the yell."That sounded like Pen.I bet he stubbed his toe."

  • Penblade rubbed his ear, "I have the sudden, inexplicable sensation that I was just insulted."

  • Digger looked in Dankers direction."Whos Pen?" He said rubbing his head.

  • "Pen is a good badger friend.He is inexplicably prone to accidents."He looked to Mars."Mars would you mine helping this mole through the abbey?I'll stop making fun of one of your things."He turned away from the group and walked to the main hall entrance."I'm gonna try to find some of my old friends.You,please come with,but no jumping,tackling,or licking.You can talk,but that is it.Okay?"

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