Nicknames: Lyvel

Full Name: Lyvel Coldblade

Species: Weasel

Gender: Female

Age: 34

Height: 5 Foot 8 Inches

Position: Filzon Ashtooth’s Second In Command

Description: Lyvel is slim and sleek. Her fur is light brown and her underbelly is a creamy color. Her eyes are slightly slanted, and are a deep green. She wears a dark brown tunic, and will sometimes wear a hooded cloak as well. On each arm Lyvel wears a silver bracelet.

Possessions: Lyvel carries two long knifes in sheaths at her side. The handles of the knifes are made of bone (what creature’s nobody knows) and the blades are very light in color, almost white.

    - Stealthy
    - Fast
    - Smart

    - Not Very Strong
    - Not Good With Heavy Weapons