Filzon Ashtooth

  • Nicknames: Ashtooth, Ash

    Full Name: Filzon Ashtooth

    Species: Stoat

    Gender: Male

    Age: 37

    Height: 6 Foot 5 Inches

    Position: Vermin Raiding Party/Mercenary Company Leader

    Description: Filzon Ashtooth is a large muscular beast. He stands above every other beast in his company. His fur is a very dark brown and from a distance it appears black. His eyes are beady and black.  He wears a pair of knee length britches and a jerkin, both drab brown in color. Around his head he ties a bright red bandana. Ashtooth has a gold earhoop in his right ear. All his teeth are black as midnight, giving him his surname.

    Possessions: Filzon wears a snakeskin belt he made from an adder he killed himself (it was a rather smallish one.) His weapon of choice is a large curved scimitar which he carries thrust in his belt.

        - Good Sword Fighter
        - Strong
        - Tactical Genius

        - A Coward When His Own Life Is At Stake
        - Not Very Agile
        - Fears a mousemaid with the blade of Bram the warrior (Dawn Stormbreeze)


    Ashtooth has always been a looter and a killer. Who his parents were he doesn't know and really doesn't care. He made his way to the position of leader in any group he joined through size and strength. While he was still a young beast he met a weasel named Lyvel Coldblade, a skilled stealth killer. The two of them became fast friends as they realized their similar goals and methods. Both of them could do something the other couldn't, Ashtooth was a leader, and Lyvel was a silent killer. Together they fared better than alone.

    Together, Ashtooth and Coldblade formed a small group that usually numbered no more than twelve. They raided small farms and homes that could not stand against them. They would often form up with larger groups as long as they got part of the loot. On one of these raids they burnt down the house of Bram Stormbreeze, leaving only him and his daughter alive. This turned out to be a mistake Ashtooth would never forget.

    After a few more years Ashtooth turned to other areas of raiding. With what money he could put together the stoat hired a few sea rats and their boat and set off for Holt Summerdell. He had heard tales of it as a place of peace and expected no resistance from the locals. He was not a little surprised when he set upon the Strongrudder family. Ashtooth lost three of his sea rats to the unarmed father of the family before he was killed. Ashtooth continued and pillaged a few other areas on the end of the holt but met with heavy resistance.

    With the raiding spirit taken out of his party, Ashtooth returned to Mossflower and set up camp in his normal spot by the River Moss. To his surprise, Bram Stormbreeze came to face him alone, swearing revenge. The brave mouse warrior challenged Ashtooth to a duel which the stoat excepted with contempt. However, Bram was a far more potent fighter than he expected. The mouse drove Ashtooth back and would have killed him. But, the dishonorable Ashtooth gave Lyvel a signal they had prepared for such fights. Lyvel attack Bram before he had a chance and plunged her knife into his back.

    Seeing Bram mortally wounded, and shaken by his near death, Ashtooth let the mouse crawl away. Bram swore that if he did not kill Ashtooth, his daughter would with the same blade he carried. He then held up the sword for the evil stoat to see before crawling away to die. Ashtooth lives secretly in fear of a mousemaid who carries that blade which has forever been imprinted on his memory.

    After a few years, Ashtooths gang has started to grow. No longer content with small raids, Ashtooth decided to sell his group off as fighters. "Ashtooth's Company" as they are known, will hire themselves off to the highest bidder in times of war. As a mercenary company they will do anything from pitched battle to pub enforcement.

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