The winners for the June Member of th Month are as follows,

1st place goes to: Danker and Oliver Swiftstream, with 4 votes each.

2nd place goes to: Marshall and Elisabeth, with 2 votes each.

Congratulations Danker, Oliver, Marshall and Eli!

First place winners have been given special titles of certified awesomeness beneath their names… ^_^

Congratulations Danker, Oliver, Marshall and Eli!

LOL. Danker and Oliver Swiftstream have "Officially Awesome" under their names. 😄 That's hilarious; a nice touch.

Haha I didn't even notice this ;3

Eh, thees ees cool.  ^^  Thanks for the votes, everyone, and congrats Oliver, Danker, and Elizabeth.  Props, everybody!  😄

What I…? I won... kinda? blushes thank'ee guys. ^^ teehee

And congratz Dank an' the rest!!!!! :3

YAY!! Go Elizabeth!! Congrats guys!

Are you gonna take votes for July MotM?

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