Finding Family

  • It has been one long year since his escapade in the mole hole at Redwall Abbey.Danker had aged a year,gain a large hoard,and began having strange dreams.A mouse in full clad armour and a mystic looking sword began appearing in his dreams.The mouse said he was not alone and infact had a brother,but where his brother was,he was never told.All Danker was told was to look for the isle of green."What dose that mean Tula?"Danker asked the tribe's seer.Tula was a young seer.She was only sixteen,but her ability to read dreams was second to none."It means you have a brother."She replied."I figured out that much,but what dose isle of green mean?There are many green islands out in the ocean."Danker sighed aggrievedly."Maybe it means green water.There are islands with shallow bays that make a green color."She rebuttel."So we need to fin green bays."Danker said as he left the tent."Hows construction on the boat?"Danker asked."It's nearly  complete sir.It should only take two maybe three more weeks until it's complete."A sea rat name Samuel said."Good!I'll be going to the abbey for a brief visit and to see if any otters or shrews would like to join.So until my return,you'll be in charge Samuel."Danker proclaimed.As Danker left with his sack of rations,Tula caught up with him.She gave him a kiss on his cheek."Be careful."She said."I will,don't worry."Danker reassured.He was on the trail toward Redwall in a few hours.

  • Stoattius was journeying  upon leaving that wretched village of stoats, he was young (Young adult that is), and had his whole life before him on an open path. Never in his life has he ever felt so free, taking in large breaths of air and breathing them out without having to choke on a horrid stench. His eyes were soaking up the beauty of the world for the first time, no horrid looking rats belching their demonic words  of profanity on him, no wreak or stench of unwashed rats and alcohol that was thrown upon him, this was almost a heavenly relief.

    The apples, corn, bread, and vials of water rattled around in his bag as he leaped puddles of mud. Stoattius, was never a "vermin" as most peaceful beasts call them, the only thing he couldn't tolerate we're rats, he hating the way they look the way they act, now, with nothing but a path and a pack full of vittles, Stoattius was happy, very  happy. Forgetting the lyrics, he hummed a sea ballad the sea rats would shout in the pub, throughout half the village all you could hear was their obnoxious singing, the lyrics of profanity did not really matter, the rhythm of their songs got drilled in Stoattius's head, it was fast paced and was the only real "Music" Stoattius has ever heard.

    "Doodoodoo die doo doo do-"
    Along a bend of the path, he saw a figure through the low tree branches and bushes,  coming right around the bend that was close into view  his first reaction in the seconds he could not see the beast.  "Not another rat"
    His adrenaline Pumped, he clenched his fist and stood still and firm. His eyes locked onto the confused hazel eyes of a fox. The fox, after nearly laughing out loud due to the fact of seeing a grown stoat humming a fast paced song like a child. The first words were belonging to Stoattius
    "Fox, I'm looking for a place to settle for the night, you don't look to exhausted, from where do you hail?"

  • With a smile still on his face Danker spoke to the stoat."I am Danker Ristol,leader of the Former Under Dwellers of Redwall.Also known Fudor.I am heading toward Redwall Abbey to recruit any shrews or otters who wishes to help me find my long lost brother.You can come if you want,or you can go to my camp.A sea rat named Samuel will greet you.From there he'll lead you to the barracks were you'll most likely share a tent with the Bolder brothers,who are also rats.So what will it be?Also,who are you?"

  • There was no consideration of thoughts between the two ideas, there was no way Stoattius was going to share anything with a rat, let alone a tent.
    "Oh yes," Stoattius wasn't at his finest with manners. "I'm Stoattius, as they call me, I think I am going to stick with you good sir, nice to meet you.. Danker."

  • "Excellent!I won't be alone on my way to Redwall.I hope we get others on our way there."

  • Greypatch and Deadtail were strolling on the shores for someone to prey upon, when they heard sounds coming from the west. They hussled toward the noise."Hurry up, yew stupid brudder! Ya want food doncha?" Greyfang threatened Deadtail. Deadtail attempted to keep up. They fell upon Danker's camp.

    "Okay so dis, is what we gonna do. We wait for night time, then we sneak in da camp and take der food. Okay?" Greyfang whispered to his brother. Deadtail nodded, he never argued with his wiser brother. Well… only if he insults him. They waited in the ditch waiting for night to fall.

  • Jaws had been wandering the dunes near the ocean when he had heard voices. He crawled to the top of a dune to see Deadtail andGreypatch and dankers camp."Hmmm. Jaws spies vermin. Vermin with food and drink. Jaws will wait till his friend and ally comes." After this he hid himself behind the dune and waited for night.

  • Danker sighed as he herd unintelligible chatter from an near by ditch."Don't look now Stoattius,but there are idiots in yonder ditch.I'll take care of them."He stood up and cupped his muzzle."I here you two.Get out here before I make you."Getting no response he did the thing that always got hiding nimrods out in the open."You have to be the most stupid,ugliest creatures to ever walk the beach!"He paused to think of something else."And so's your mother!"

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    BIC: Idle chatter and backgrounds we're exchanged between the two.
    "This Redwall sounds magnificent! Why would you have ever left?"
    More words were exchanged between the pair, stories we're told, Danker did most of the talking, explaining how he gained an army, the reasons why he left to venture, and other stories. Stoattius was fascinated by how much one can go through, back at the village, nothing ever really happened, routine was key.
    "You see, that was how I-" Danker halted, then sighed…

  • "You have to be the most stupid,ugliest creatures to ever walk the beach!"

    Deadtail was infuriated and wanted to beat the pulp out of the bbeast who said that. Greyfang put his hand on his mouth before he could shout.

    "Shush! We suprise dat beast with our weapons." Greyfang whispered to his less smarter brother.

    "And so's your mother!"

    "Okay, now we get him!" Greyfang jumped out of the ditch with his sword and Deadtail followed after him. "Yew mess wid da wrong brudders foxy! Les' get 'im Deadtail!" and they charged after Danker.

  • "Idiots."Danker muttered as he drew his rope and ball and began whipping it around.He smashed Greyfang's footpaw and slapped Deadtail's weapon out of his paw."You two are truly stupid.Give up,or I'll snap your knees with my iron ball."He looked at Stoattius."Those highway robbers I told you about were better than this."

  • Greyfang crumpled in pain as the ball smashed his footpaw. "Oww!" Greyfang began sucking it.
    Meanwhile, Deadtail scrambled to get his dagger on the floor.

  • Stoattius, under shock, managed to stifle a brief smile of a reaction, his expression then changed back into pure awe on how well this stranger could handle such an abnormal weapon. Stoattius was taught of spears, swords, daggers,  and archery but never a blunt whirling weapon, the technique was strange, almost an art of  momentum more so than thrusts, jabs and blocks. He watched how a body could go limp to the ground holding it's footpaw in a matter of seconds, while another desperately clenching its damaged hands. Stoattius tuned in on how you deal with bandits, would you go for the kill? Would you take their supplies?  Stoattius, throughout the battle took a step backwards and watched, hopefully, he thought the fox would not take him as a coward.

  • Danker rolled his eyes as Deadtail scrambled to his dagger."Oh no you don't."Danker crashed the iron ball on Deadtail's now dead tail.Getting a loud pop on it's landing."If you had just listen,this wouldn'tve happin to you two."Danker pulled his weapon off Deadtail and rapped it around himself.

  • Deadtail gripped his limp tail and crawled to Greyfang who stopped sucking his paw. Greyfang knowing that they can't win spoke.

    "Whaddya want mista foxy? We're just two rats with no food and we're starvin' in this wasteland. Defendin' ourselves from those birds up there, scavengin' for food…" Greyfang tried scoring up some pity points from Danker as he improvised a small speech of how they lived lying at some parts.

  • Jaws had seen the whole thing from the top of the dune."Jaws thinks he should follow the one with the rope, not the stuipd ones. Jaws thinks he will have better loot than they." Jaws said rubbing his chin. He poked his head over the dune to watch the event unfold.

  • Danker put his paw against his fore head and sighed."Get over here.I'll feed you two.Y'all can't even beat a fifteen year old fox."He sat down in front of his fire and began roasting some apples.

  • Greyfang winked at the now grinning Deadtail. They sat themselves down next to the fox and the fire and waited patiently for the delicious apples to roast. Meanwhile they stated to drool like hungry wolves that haven't eaten in a millenia.

  • Stoattius sat as far away from the rats as possible, he joined them at the fire, sitting at the opposite end next to Danker, thoughts bounced around in his head, having Stoattius deal with the situation he probably would have killed them. Stoattius realised he was quite hungry himself, he pulled out a loaf of honey oat bread and backed off from the fire. Stoattius then pulled out a small knife and cut a slice of the bread off, he sat back down by the fire stuffing the bread back into his pack. As he turned around the two rats, we're looking at him, trying an impression of being cute. Danker also looked at Stoattius, and he then brought back his pack with the bread and cut everyone a slice. As he passed the bread idle chatter went about.
    "Rats, from where did you breeze in?"

  • "The woods, we jus robbed a mousey family," Deadtail blurted out. Greyfang elbowed him into the stomach causing him to gasp for breath.

    "He jus jokin', we don' do dat, stuff," Greyfang attempted to cover up his brother's slip of the mouth.

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