Greyfang and Deadtail

  • Nickname: N/A

    Full Name: Greyfang and Deadtail


    Description: These two twin brothers are an horrid sight to see. With ugly green eyes, several scars, and patches of missing fur, they are true vermin. Wearing only a rag of a vest and corsair pants with patches and twine as a belt.

    Possessions: They wear several rings on their ears and tails from being a corsair in the past and a few bracelets. Greyfang carries a sword while Deadtail possesses two daggers.

       - Sneaking up on lone creatures.
       - Robbing
       - Teasing

       - Falling for well set traps
       - Not very bright
       - Cockiness


    These two rats were born on the famed corsair, Kavarn's ship. They're mother who died a long way back was just another corsair who had babies. Living with a boatful of evil creatures obviously made them just like a corsair. Poorly fed, and angry at the older and stronger mates who often got the food first, motivated the two 26 year old rats. So they plotted to kill the first and second mates. They were successful in murdering them, but were unfortunately caught in the act from their victim's screaming. It woke up the crew and were thrown aboard for their crime.  They floated on a piece of driftwood together for several days. Luckily they finally washed up ashore, still alive but starving and exhausted and passed out on the shore. Waking up the next morning, they had more energy and started trekking eastward. Ending up in Mossflower still starved. Their corsair senses came back and started a robbing spree robbing poor helpless woodland beasts of their food and jewelry.

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