Brigadier Lupin Ffolger

  • Nickname: Brigadier/Lupin/Lupe

    Full Name: Brigadier Lupin Ffolger

    Species: Hare

    Description:His fur is a sandy brown with tan underbelly and black eyes. Has buckteeth and several scars but the largest would be the five-inch scar running through the left side of his neck. He wears the normal long Patrol dress uniform with belt and several medals. He has built legs from being a galloper in his younger days.

    Possessions: Just his saber kept in a sharkskin sheath, along with a hidden dagger in his sleeve for emergencies.

    -Skilled with the saber
    -Savvy fighter
    -Powerful hind kick

    -Can only last for 1 day until he starts complaining for food.
    -Can't resist yelling at naughty recruits.
    -Too competitive
    -Talks too much
    -Due to scar, has frequent nightmares of the same corsair slashing his neck. Therefore, refuses to sleep and gets drowsy during the day.

    Lupin was born to Corporal Gavvinson and Sandbreeze on Salamandastron in the infirmary during a battle against Greyfang and his corsairs. When he first opened his eyes he didn't just see his mother, but also a dying hare with a arrow through its shoulder. Living with that image as he was young, he often visited the infirmary to comfort hares durig or after battles. When he was old enough to join the Long Patrol, he became a Galloper in the same group as his father. After many successful tasks and adventures, Lupin's group was attacked by a boatful of corsirs while patrolling the shores.
    Lupin's father died as well as a few other perilous hares. Traumatized by the sudden death, Lupin wanted to live up to his father's name and put his best to everything he did. This earned him praise by the elders and promotion at an early age. His mother moved to Redwall when she became pregnant with Artear(half-brother). When Lupin's mother left, he started to slack off in combat and was slashed by a corsair sword in the neck during battle.
    Close to death from blood loss, he was fortunately saved. After his close call with death, his half-brother Artear arrived at Salamandastron as a new recruit. Lupin occasionally gets the chance to visit his mother at Redwall.

  • I like this guy. He seems pretty interesting.

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