The Ghostkin

  • Nickname: Ghostkin

    Full Name:  Kaerune & Zeera Ghostkin

    Species: Hoary fox

    Description: Kaerune and Zeera are almost completely identical. They sport the same height, body type, eyes and fur color.

    Draped in a fur of a peculiar ash gray which remains a solid color all over their bodies, only the faint white highlights upon their ears and paws stand apart. With eyes of a ghostly silver gray, the foxes seem almost as though they were gray ghosts and that fact alone earned them a frightening name and title.

    The two dress simply in light ash-dyed sleeveless jerkins and faded breeches, cloaks the same color of their fur draped over it all and often pulled taut about them.

    Mysterious and peculiar, the pair instill a measure of both wonder and fear in those they meet, their quiet demeanor adding to the air of secrecy and intrigue they inspire no matter where they tread.

    Though they may not seem menacing, something within their mystical silver eyes often whispers of something frightening. Their stares are piercing and bone-chilling, and their demeanor silent and strange. They are feared more for quietness and awkwardness than any sense of brutality or ruthlessness, and t is whispered they have some secret magical power that lets them see into the minds of other beasts.

    Possessions: Almost invisible beneath their cloaks, both Kaerune and Zeera carry weapons unique to them. Kaerune carries a light fencing saber alongside a triangle-shaped katar while his sister carries a morning star armed with a lethal spike at its other end. Both siblings hide long daggers at their thigh just in case all else fails.


    Both siblings are highly intelligent beasts with a knack for battle tactics though they prefer a guerrilla style to flat out war. Born to lead, their air of mystery and natural charisma wins them friends and foes alike, but those who serve them do so out of some measure of respect or flat out fear, leaving treachery among their ranks slim to null (but not completely unheard of, though they deal with such measures swiftly and efficiently). Talented warriors with their chosen weaponry, both brother and sister are deadly beasts on their own but a force to be feared alongside one another. Faster than they are strong, they use their dexterity and alertness to their advantage, often times using the size and weight of another beast against them.

    Alert, intelligent, and strangely aware of their surroundings, both creatures are quite dangerous, but not foolishly so. To defeat them in combat is difficult but to outwit them is even harder still. While they stand together, they are a literal whirlwind of ferocity, one hardly a beast would dare to challenge.


    But looks can be deceiving. Because they are so peculiar at first sight one might underestimate them, think them foolish or odd for their somewhat strange behavior. Not necessarily large for foxes, brute strength isn’t their strong suit. Instead guile and planning is their preferred mode of thought and action.

    Separate the two unwillingly and things start to unravel. The twins seem to be very much connected to one another emotionally, physically and mentally. When apart they cannot function with their same level of efficiency, making them weaker and in some cases, uncomfortable or even frightened. The two have never been apart, not since their birth, and so separating themselves from one another is a serious fear.


    Born and raised in the lower flatlands of Mossflower country, Kaelune and Zeera were twins of the only litter they ever knew their parents to have.

    It was a band of foxes which ranged a small territory in the far southlands. Survivors they were, and warriors when they needed to be. All but non-existent, they watched the others creatures live about them and learned, adopting the techniques they needed as they moved about the lower country, minding their own, and speaking to nobeast.

    They were a peculiar group, quiet, reserved if not slightly awkward. Kaelune and Zeera grew to be like them, but longed to be more.

    Kaelune and Zeera silently felt that, as they learned of the other beasts in their territory, why they did not destroy them? They had the power and the numbers, they knew their habits and places of sleep, why not destroy them, take their land, and rove the open country doing what they pleased?

    The idea did not go unnoticed. There were others in the band who held a similar ideal. But the current leader wouldn’t heard of it. He held onto a story of the failure of foxes in a faraway land. Ghosts of the woodlands who tried such a thing and failed miserably.

    But the others argued that they would not make the same mistakes. With their wisdom, with their learning of the other creatures, they would not make the same mistake twice.

    A rift formed in the small clan, pitting those who agreed against those who opposed. Kaerune and Zeera took the side of the rovers, the lusty wanderers who longed to see faraway lands and claim a throne of power for their own. Their lust for knowledge and their want to prove their superiority pushed them to seek fortune in the north. As they grew and their small band traveled, they learned much. Of the country, of the creature. They observed without saying a word, flitting in and out of reality and never leaving paw prints behind.

    They soon learned of an Abbey and a mountain and reconnoitered to learn as much as they could. The small band split and each studied its own target. Zaerune and Zeera had been in charge of researching Redwall and its creatures.

    Seasons later the band regrouped and swapped information. It was decided that the mountain would prove too difficult a target, but the Abbey…from what they had gathered the creatures that lived there were mostly peaceable with a tribe of otters and squirrels that visited in certain seasons. It would be a suitable target, but still slightly challenging.

    It was decided more than their numbers were needed, and so the band of foxes sought out others in the countryside to help swell their numbers. They gathered rats, weasels, stoats, ferrets; anything but other foxes as they felt their vulpine cousins might try to claim the band for their own (they held foxes as a smarter creature). They collected who they could, through force, through persuasion, through whatever means were decided necessary. The foxes didn’t need to try hard, their mysterious nature and appearance gave them a slight advantage over superstitious creatures. They were thought to be magic, ghost-like, and all-knowing. The stories spread and soon vermin looked for them, curious to see these "Ghostkin" for themselves and, if they found them intriguing, join their cause.

    But the Ghostkin were careful in choosing those that served them. They wanted tough warriors, seasoned creatures with experience and knowledge. Those who knew tales and held vital information were welcomed with open arms. Those who showed guile and intelligence earned places of power.

    Over time the band was properly established, a hierarchy firmly in place by the time their first leader passed. The fox perished from a fever that he’d been suffering from for some time, and when he finally died it was time to choose a successor.

    Not being creatures of battle by choice, it was a test of guile that would decide the new leader. A show of cleverness and deceit.

    At least, it would have been, had Kaerune and Zeera not been working for seasons to help garner enough support for an underhanded tactic.

    For seasons they had been speaking to the creatures of their band, weaving tales, reading fortunes and gaining their favor. Long before they suggested that if they led the band would be better off, promising each creature who helped them a place of power.

    They chose only the strongest, and after the leader passed and as the trial for a new successor drew close. The twins put their plan into action.

    Their chosen few snuck like wraiths among the sleeping foxes, leaving each of them slain with their throats slit open and not a mote of dust stirred in the event.

    When the army awoke, they were surprised at the outcome. Two foxes stood among a menagerie of dead, proclaiming themselves leaders and laying claim the entire horde.

    No beast dared argue. And the chosen few were well rewarded.

    So, the two last remaining Ghostkin became like legends. So great was their power that they could slay a score in their sleep with just a thought. Their stares carried with it the ice cold fingers of death. Their silence was lethal and they could read minds at a whim.

    Great are the Ghostkin, Kaerune and Zeera, and loyal are their creatures.

    Especially those whose paws it was that killed their kin.

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