• The wind quietly crashed on the rocks infront of Salamandastron. Almost everybody in Salamandastron didn't here it. Barkstripe, the Badger Lord of Salamandastron, was the exception. He couldn't sleep. The spirits of his ancestors were moving through him, trying to warn him of coming danger. Barkstripe had had this feeling before, and he knew a great war was coming to Salamandastron. He also knew it was his duty to protect the shores, and more importantly the peaceful people of Redwall Abbey. He woke up his Sargeant. Barkstripe didn't even have to explain to the valient hare what was wrong. They had been friends for a long time, and the hare kenw exactly what was wrong. The Sargeant pulled out his sword and walked out onto the beach with Lord Barkstripe.

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  • Muramin al-Wyuli slid quietly between the dunes, progressing ever eastward towards the ocean.  Accompanying the wildcat were four of her best scouts, the body of her forces still a league behind.  They were the vanguard to ensure that the rest went still undetected towards the mountain fortress.

    The wildcat could tell that the dune before her was all that remained between her and the flat decline to the ocean waters.  With a desire to have flat land before her, Muramin ran quickly, yet still rather quietly, up the side of the dune.  Breaking the crest of the final dune, the wildcat immediately saw why haste was such a terrible thing: she faced the backs of two well-armed beasts.  She drew a sharp breath at the sight.  Sliding to a stop half-way down the otherwise unspoiled side of the dune, she took comfort on the knowledge that her scouts were just a few steps away.  Hoping that the moon would not surrender her presence just yet, the wildcat drew both of her curved blades.

  • Hyrasrax chuckled as he turned, and pulled down his hood. "Relax cat. It is only I." His companion turned to look and withdrew his own hood to reveal a large monitor.
    "Here is one of my best friends." he chuckled in his reptilian voice. "He should be able to assist us to great length."  Smiling again he spoke. "Are you ready to begin our examination of Salamandastron?"

  • "Would you like what information I might supply." A husky, ruined voice asked from close by.
        The animal stood from his sitting position on a nearby dune. His entire body was clothed like Hyrasrax's own manner, only the cloak was thicker and shined slightly in the light. The hood was drawn over his face in a cowl so long that it hid eveything on his face and neck, revealing nothing. He stood and stepped toward the other three creatures as they stood watching him suspiciously. His body smelt of decay and his voice spoke of ruin. everything about him said that he should been a dead body on the road, but there he stood as clear as day. His mammoth body towered to slightly over the wildcat's own hieght. He walked to them, but still made sure he kept a safe distance away.

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  • "Who and what are you." said Hyrasrax said withdrawing a long dagger. "What business do you have to eavesdrop on beasts." He smiled a little bit. "I think you should tell us all and not a little, considering you were probably spying on us last night as well and know our secrets."

  • Rolvog chuckled from beneath the long cowl, "Of course I heard you last night. Who couldn't? But my reasons are my own, I wouldn't 'eavesdrop' if it didn't effect me anyhow." In his words you could almost hear him smile, "But I'm not as interested in the wildcat as I am in you Hyrasrax. You say you are an outcast?"

  • Barkstripe and his friend both stopped walking at the same time. They had both heard the voices. Immediately Barkstriped crouched down. He didn't want his size to announce his presence. He quitly crawled up behind the animals. He knew at once that they weren't friendly. "What is happening" Barkstripe thought. He signaled to his sargeant to go back to the mountain with him. Once they were safely inside we awoke all the hares and told them to arm themselves, to eat, and to take their spots at their posts. Barkstripe put on his armour, and wated in his room staring at the fire 2 score feet away from the mountain…....

    Close to Salamandastron.

    Wingpaw Swiftfoot crouched in some bushes. He had seen Barkstripe and the other hare.  He was about to go greet them, when he saw them leave to the mountain. He knew Barkstripe well, and he knew that he would retreat unless it was  a very dangerous situation. Wingpaw was know listening to the moniter and other animals talk. They wanted to take over the mountain. Wingpaw quickly ran back to the mountain and warned Barkstripe, only to find out that he allready knew what was happening…..
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    -ic- "I don't think either of us are going to be in much of any mood to talk to someone who hides behind a cloak and smells like a vulture." Hyrasrax said. "I suggest you come straight out and tell us what you know." Scraping the side of his blade against his pinprick scales he chuckled. "I'm not a patient beast."

  • "I do believe that you yourself hid beneath a cloak only last night. I'm not sure that you'd want to see beneath my cloak anyway." He turned his attention to the unidentified creature with them, "And who might you be? I see that cloaks seem to be quite the thing around here?"

  • Muramin stifled a low growl, both of her scimitars still bared for a fight.  "Are you both insane?" she demanded, trying to keep the fury in her voice while still being quiet.  "With how loud you two are, I'm surprised we've not been ambushed by a sizable force yet."  She started pacing in the sand, thinking to slice them apart for their stupidity, yet staying her paw for the nonce.  "So you know, I and my scouts were an advance group before the mainstay of my Janissaries; we were trying to ensure that Salamandastron would have as little warning as possible."  Her tail waved back and forth behind her, adding to waves of agitation that radiated from her.  "N0w, thanks to you, we may have siege warfare on our paws."

  • The newcomer glanced at the cat, "A siege yes, a siege you can win? maybe, but we are prepared to offer assistance to you if you would like. As for my name? Asrelay Uli', a wildcat like yourself once."

  • Hyrasrax spat. "Make yourself clear and don't speak in mindless riddles. They bring no one any pleasure except for the one holding the secret. If you really desire to make us believe that you are on our side, (Which ever side that may be), then try being open." He stepped closer to the stranger. "Closed doors are much less inviting than open ones."

  • Rolvog smiled beneath the cloak. "If that is your wish."
    He reached up and undid the metal clasp on his cloak. The covering fell away and the monster stood revealed.
        His face was covered with three bulky steel plates with slits where the eyes were. The slits were filled with a glassy material so that thin blades couldn't reach in. The rest of his body was covered in similar patches of steel coverings, not an inch of his body was uncovered by the ugly armor. It was even flexible at the joints so that he could move, but wasn't vulnerable there either. On his wrists and forearm were gauntlets studded with razors and iron claws. His belt had numerous war implements tied to its loops. This creature was clearly made for hunting.
        "Now do you see? I am an Entrok. I was once a wildcat that lived in the dessert like you Muramin, but I was cast out for a differant reason. I was born a disfigured ruin of flesh like my twin brother, we were horrors and freaks that were feared. We were disfugured, hulking masses of muscle and twisted flesh. Finnaly, many years after our birth, me and my brother were thrown from the village and forced to live alone until we found a new refuge. We were hatted and feared then, now we are feared and respected." His gravley voice halted. He stood facing them, standing as straight as he could.
        "I only wish for revenge against those who hurt me before, but I must serve my master as well. He sent me to speak to you after I reported back to him last night."

    -ooc-Intro to Rolvog (and Hisk).

  • Muramin, still visibly agitated, turned away from the pair and gave a sharp whistle.  A vixen, a stoat, and two rats came quickly running over the dune.  They four stopped before Muramin and took a knee in the sand.  "You called, Milady?" asked the vixen, looking up slightly more than the other three.

    The wildcat nodded slightly.  "Rabat, take the other three and return to the column.  Tell them to double-time here; the hares likely know we are in the area," she said, pausing to turn towards her 'guests' for a moment.  She added, "With no thanks to you beasts."  Returning her attentions to her own soldiers, and completed her orders.  "Be speedy and silent; assume that there are already hares in the area to catch us unawares."

    "Yes, Milady," answered the vixen, looking to each of the other three before all four slipped back over the dune and out sight.

    Muramin turned back aorund towards her visitors and returned her blades to their resting places.  "Now, let us assume that the hares now know we are here.  Will they entrench in their fortress until one of us breaks?" Muramin again paused for effect.  "Or, will they expect us to throw ourselves on their spears and pikes until we tire ourselves out?  In any event, we cannot merely waste beasts by pointlessly attacking their position.  In my tribe, it said that the only thing more expensive than a battle won is a battle lost."

  • The  hares took their spots near the windows. Barkstripe and Wingpaw called for Swiftfoot. Swiftfoot was a strange animal to find at Salamandastron, because she was a squirrel. She was only the second squirrel that had ever been part of the mountains army.  Barkstripe and Wingpaw had come up with the idea, for her to spy out the vermin. The squirrel heartily agreed, and set out almost at once….

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    -ic-  Hyrasrax nodded. "Very true. It may not yet be a war however. Undoubtedly, the hares and Badger of Salamandastron, will want to find some way of winning a bloodless battle." He chuckled, "They'll try to avoid it for sure. If we can make them think that there won't be a battle until to late, then we can take the mountain relatively safely and quickly."
    Turning to the monitor, he snapped out some quick orders. "Go pull together the clan. Leave the toads in the marsh however, and tell the Jong-Jor that he'll be deeply needed." Hyrasrax grinned.

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    Rolvog cocked his head to the side and listened carefully. Something was headed their way.

    -ooc- Who's the other robed guy?

  • "I do not intend to bring war to them," Muramin said.  "Nay, I shall offer tham as I have others in the past.  If they give freely of sand and water, then we shall have no problems."  She let a soft exhale escape her.  "With no doubts that they know of our presense, I think I shall go to the mountain."  She cast a glance towards the edifice. "I will grant them the opportunity to yield to me without a fight.  Sand is difficult enough to traverse safely; adding blood only increases the danger and slows the pace."  The wildcat took a few steps towards the fortress in view.  "It may be best if you waited here.  They may think nothing of one armed beast approahcing; but they might just view the three of us as a threat."

    As she noted the unusual look to which the metal monstrosity had taken, a frown played across Muramin's expression.  "Is there a problem, Recondite One?" she asked.

  • OOC. You may kill her. Or you could use her as bait…What other robed guy?

    BIC. Wingpaw looked at Barkstripe in dismay. The squirrel was walking right into the hands of the vermin. She would get captured!

  • Rolvog growled under his metal skull, hissing quietly under his breath. "If I choose to be 'recondite' then that's my own business. As for your question; The seems to be someone headed toward us." He glanced at the rise and gavce a moment of thought. "I'll take care of it." And with that he tread quietly through the sand and to the side of the dune.
        Swiftfoot was quietly trodding low to the ground trying to be as quiet as possible. She marched onward towards the talking beasts for a good distance before she got the shock of her life. Rolvog rapped his left mailed paw against the back of her head, stunning her. Then he wrapped his razor studded gauntlet around her neck with the blades facing towards her jugular in a threatening way. She was trapped in instant, stunned and hopeless, and there was nothing to be done about it.

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