Kazack Griplar

  • Name:Kazack Griplar

    Nickname:The Hunter



    Description:Kazack is mentally insane(even more so than his brother,Dester.) He has been in a asylum since he was seven. He was considered to be extremely hostile toward other living creatures. He can be heard growling,and laughing insanely to him self.

    Appearance:He is the same height as Dester but is a lighter color than him. His eyes are brackish blue. He has a skinny muscular frame. He weres a tight fitting shirt and pants, both black.

    Possions:He has two gloves with six inch double bladed knifes. Pretty munch all he has.

    Strength:He is stealthy, fast, limber and fearless. He can run for long distances at a time with out being winded. His tree skills can rival the best squirrel.

    Weakness:His constant laughing and growling can give away his possession. He won't stop attacking some one until they die or he dies.

    Backstory:When the boat Kazack and Dester were on hit land the first time(when Dester was younger) ,Kazack was dragged of to an asylum after biting off and eating the ear of the captin for no apparent reason .He escaped when he was 18 by cutting the face off of a orderly and wore it as a mask and the orderly's clothes .He obtained the gauntlets when he invaded a warriors home near the asylum .He slit the mouse's throat with a dinner knife while he slept. Now he is lurking the edge of several towns with a very large bounty on him.

  • Awesome character Danker. I like the constant laughing and growling. 🙂

  • Haha, you have sociopathic undertones, Danker.  😄

    Cool char.

  • Thanks 🙂

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