Story Arcs!

  • OK, so next, who would start it? I don't have the time right now, does anyone else?

  • I'll join with Bartholomew Bartlebee if you don't mind Spar!

  • And I'll join with Ashtooth!

  • That's fine Vik and Silentdawn. Just tell me what they are. I know that Ash is a fox but what is Barth?

  • So I just had a brain child! We need to decide where our creatures are going to start out in Mossflower. When we have that established we can start the threads accordingly. Shaun and Spar will start out next to the river Moss, about a half day's walk from Redwall.

  • I think Ash is a stoat, and Barth is mouse (an evil mouse lol.)

  • Has the "Good" thread started yet, or do we still need someone to start it?

  • Kaerune and Zeera and their threescore strong Ghostkin horde are currently camped by the River Moss close by the Sandstone Quarry (north shore) after having met Dester. Their next thread will most likely be about getting to know each other and setting up definite terms for their, for the moment, up-in-the-air pact.

    Any of the other baddies who want in on the treaty, wish to be a part of either horde (Dester commands a force of about 50, plus another 50 of non-warrior beasts ex. family, children etc.) can at any time, just PM the appropriate player (me or Danker) for details.

    If you wish to bring in a neutral character or one with a force who would also like to form some sort of treaty/pact for taking Redwall, the next thread will be your opportunity.

    I'll post the link here once it's been written up. I'll start it either sometime today or tomorrow depending on who wants in/doesn't want in.

  • I hate to double-post, but I needed this to bump the topic. ;3

    New vermin thread: Accommodating Alliances

    If you've got a vermin character and they've yet to get involved, now is a good time.

    If you need any info from me or Danker be sure to send a PM. ^^

  • I will work on a thread for the good guys right now so we can get that started. I don't know if I will get it up tonight but I will try.

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