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  • I've seen a foxwolf mentioned in Redwall somewhere. However, IRL, I'm not so sure. lol xD

  • I think Taggerung.The fox that takes over the Juska clan Deyna lived in was.

  • I searched the Redwall Wiki, only thing that comes up is Urgan Nagru. ;3

    As far as I can tell he's the only one mentioned as being a foxwolf.

  • Awesome people! We have a start already. I think Keira is right, we don't really want a wolf or three in Mossflower. However, we need someone/thing that could through skill or luck defeat a badger. Granted we have about four badgers running about the forum right now, but we wouldn't want them all in one RP :). SO, Our bad guy/s… So far we have, wolf, big fox, foxwolf, wolverine(?), wildcat, REALLY smart weasel, rat, stoat... Something like that. But seriously guys, we will have all our "hero's" in this RP so we need to make the bad guy/s at least equal to them. So I think that about sums it up. Once we get this stuff figured out who will start it? I think Kaello should. On his forum he started two or three awesome Plots, they were really inventive. And then we need a name.

  • I could use Dester.Show what he dose NOT under somebodies controll.

  • How about we have a one of each.A really bad weasel, really bad rat,really bad stoat, really bad fox. All in one gang. And have a really really really really bad leader

  • Wonderful idea Mouse!

  • Thanks Danker

  • We could, the only problem being we would need one guy to man each chary. See, if you've got an exceptional bad guy, you need one member to be him. You could do that and man your "hero" character as well I guess, it would make it so you'd post longer posts, that's a good thing though :P. "You", meaning all participants. So, yes, that is an idea Mouse, thanks.

  • I would be more than happy to play at least one of the baddies. But if we don't have any other players I could play a pair of brothers. ;3

    I'd be more than happy to NPC anything we're short on as well. ^^, Though I do prefer to play on the vermin side of things. ;3

  • Well that's good! Like I said before, we are over populated will good guys around here! 😄 So if you wanna play more than one baddy that is totally up to you, the more the eviler. So, I am going to add a pole, it will be a yes or no as to whether you (as in everybody) are going to be in the plot.

  • Awesomesauce. lol ;3

    I love playing bad guys. lol xD

  • I'm going to Rp in this thread

  • I like it…I don't know if I should start it though. ^_^ it might be a long time coming, Spar. Those plots on RS took me a while. 🙂
    But if you think it would work I'd be happy to. Just give me an idea to start! Or I could think of one. Not too bad at that.

  • Wow, six people already? Sounds awesome. ^^

    Shall I start drafting up some baddies? ;3

  • Sure, go to it Keira! OK, so here's what we'll do; everyone in the plot will post the chary that they will use, like this:

    Name: Sparhawk

    And Keira, that is what you should do I'm thinking, with our baddies. After they're all up you will pick the one\s you want then everyone else can pick. We'll need about eight bad guys I think, plus whatever horde they'll have.

    @Keira, When you post the bad guys, I will post the list and then say who will be manning whom.

    @Everyone, When y'all have you chary's that you will use posted, I will add them to the list with the baddies. (So they can get to know each other ) 😛

  • I could man any extra chars…  Bad, good, or anything in between.  Just draft em for moi, and I can do my best.

    Lemme know if you need me.  😄

  • Of course we need you Marshall! This is for eeeeeeverybeast!

  • Oh, and another thing, where would it take place? Once we get all this figured out, we will start planning what we want to happen in general.

  • I'm a little confused about the character selection thing. scratch that, I'm totally flummoxed. What if, as a sort of twist, I wanted my bad character to be a good guy in this thread?

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