Emil Cloverfield

  • Nickname: Emil, Ehm, Leaf eye

    Full Name: Emil Cloverfield

    Species: Red Doormouse

    Description: He stands at 5 foot 9 inches and is a red furred dormouse( as stated above :P) His eye colour is a very light green and he has a tiny scar under his left eye.He wears a blue tunic and baize shorts and has a rope around his waist that he uses as a belt. He is quite dashing looking (as far as mice go)  but has a short tail.

    Possessions: He has a rope belt which he hangs all of his possesions off of.

        - Good swimmer
        - Well spoken
        - Fairly smart
        - Adventourous
        - Example
        - Scared of rain
        - A hasty thinker
        - Cannot cook
        - Very pickyeater

        He and his parents lived in the nourthern parts of mosswood forest in a fairly secluded life, his father was a very good forger and his mother was an amazing cook so they got along quite well. Emil loved to explore the forests around his house but because he was too young to get very far. But finally on his tenth birthday he was finally able to go further then he had ever been. The whole day went by and Emil did not return, his parents looked for days on end but they were unable to find him.

    Emil was taken by a crow to its nest in the pine wood forests, the bird attacked him but was unable to do more than a scrath under the mouses eye. Emil had grabbed a stick that was beside the nest and fought off the bird. The skirmish broke the nest apart asnd both fell to the forest below. It turns out that log-a-log had been in that part of the forest and heard the skirmish.

    They saved the young mouse and tried to help him get home again. They could not find the den that Emil had lived in so after days of searching they gave up and brought him to Redwall abbey.

    Emil fit in well with the abbey dwellers and quickly forgot about his parents. He loved the otters the most and went swimming everyday with them. He got to be a very good swimmer because of this and is currently still residing in redwall.

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