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  • Got clearance from Namaste to post here and let everyone know about a new Redwall forum I opened up recently. ^^, I had wanted to get an affiliation with RL but doesn't seem like that's possible. lol ^^

    In any case, we opened up very recently but we're getting members almost every day. ^^, We have a current plot arc that is forming and is in need of characters and of course we are open to player created plots and ideas as well. ;3

    We're friendly, PG-14 and consider ourselves an intermediate, literate role-play. ^^

    We've partnered up with LoRA and ToRA (both run by the same person) and so we're trying to build a sort of online community where Redwall fans can meet, chat and play with one another. ^^

    If you like Redwall, love to role-play and have some other characters you wish to play or other plots you wanted to try, come check us out! ^^, We're active and friendly. ;3

    Pop in our Cbox to say hi and ask any questions. ^^

    Spirit of Redwall - http://z7.invisionfree.com/Spirit_of_Redwall/index.php?act=idx

  • Definitely gonna check it out onc't I get mor time…  >_O

  • Coolness, we'd love to have ya'. ^^

    We're doing pretty well with loads of activity and plotting. xD, Threads 'll be popping up everywhere. xD

  • Schweetzle!      \m/  (>.<)

  • I'll check it out.

  • Hope to see you there. ;3

  • **July Update!

    We're doing great over at SoR with over 20 active members and threads popping up all over!

    We have a small force at Salamandastron, a fleet of corsairs en route for the mountain with all sorts of trouble brewing about Mossflower.

    A potential Badger Lord moves in a general western direction, feeling a pull towards an ocean and mountain in his dreams while warriors in Mossflower seek those who can help them with trouble overseas! But with a war brewing on the western shore, they might not get far!

    We've tons of positions still open for seat otter warriors and corsairs! Players are looking for siblings and warriors for their clans, so there are literally tons of openings for new characters in places where they will get interaction immediately. ^^

    And we totally need some Guosim shrews! 😃

    Come check us out! We're doing pretty darn good. ^^, And we could totally use some new blood. ;3

    Keep in mind! SoR is a PG-14 game for literate/intermediate role-players.

    Hope to see you there! ^^**

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