• Name: Jaws, Metal mouth, or Iron Teeth depending on his mood.
    Species: Fox
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Physical Appearance: He is 6 foot 3 inches. He wears a white turban, a sand colored full body robe, and a sand colored cloak. He is a creamy orange color with white covering his chest all the way down to his knees. Instead of normal teeth he has extremely sharp metal teeth forged for him by Dug. His teeth fit into each other like normal teeth. He also wears bone jewelry.
    Possessions: He has two swords crossed on his back over his haversack. In his haversack he has several water skins and canteens, a hollow piece of metal with a drill like tip that he uses to drill holes into water skins of other beast while they sleep to steal their water. He carries a tent with him and several other tools that come in handy in the desert.
    Personality: He is indifferent to all and only does what he needs to survive though he has a slight tendency to what’s right. He is always stealing water, since it is hard to find in the deserts where he lives. He also steals other things that could be useful.
    Strengths: He is very used to living in deserted areas and can survive there better than others. He will take advantage of any situation, whether it is a lost water skin or an entire horde of vermin foolishly sleeping at night in the desert. He is skilled with fighting with his swords and teeth and gloves when needed.
    Weaknesses: He is not good at living anywhere else than desert areas. Living by himself he has very poor communication skills. He will steal water from everyone, whether they are good beast or vermin and can make enemies with the wrong beasts.
    History: He has lived in the deserts of the world form his birth. When he was 17 he went out to the Southlands. There, in Dugs bar he started a fight with a rat that knocked out all his teeth. When dug stopped the fight Jaws noticed that his entire head was numb. He asked Dug if he could forage him some new teeth out of metal. When he paid for it Dug made the teeth. When Dug gave Jaws the teeth he went to the best doctor he could find and had him surgically implant the teeth into the spaces where his old teeth used to be. The operation was a success and that was when he started calling himself Jaws and other names. Before that he had no name.
    Relationships: Because of his stealing he has made some powerful enemies with a few large vermin hordes.
    Other: Metal teeth. If you hadn’t noticed that by now than there is no hope for you.

  • Verily, this remindeth me of ye Jaimes Bonde antagonist.


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