Rogg Streambattle 2.0

  • Nickname: Rogg

    Name: Rogg Streambattle

    Species: North American River Otter

    Age: 26

    Description: A large, somewhat portly otter with mostly dark brown fur, except for on his chest and throat, which are creamy white color. The smooth fur on the left side of his face is interrupted by a small scar which is the result of an arrow of some past battle. There are other sundry scars on his muscular body, but the one on his face is most noticeable. He also has a tattoo on his arm, a simple 13, he prefers not to speak of the origins of this cryptic marking. Rogg's apparel usually consists of black light armor and black gloves when he is fighting, but when there is no chance of a conflict, he wears a forest green button down shirt and a brown vest. He does have a voluminous cloak which he wears in foul weather.  Sharkskin greaves protect his forearms, and a slim silver band is wrapped around his upper right arm. At his side hangs a short sword, across his back is strapped a bow with a quiver of arrows, he also has a long dagger which is inscribed with the otter's motto, Press on and never weaken. Rogg normally keeps emotion to a minimum in his life, which is a necessity in his line of work, but can become extremely angry when provoked, or happy when things are going his way. He is a pure paid killer, and his services always go to the highest bidder; choosing sides has not been an option for him during his carrier as a mercenary. Over all, Rogg Streambattle is a cold, calculating, killing machine, his only concern in life is the betterment of his situation, and anything standing in the way of that goal is crushed.

    Possessions:  A pack with the items that he needs to survive, a small pouch on his belt which contains a vile of extremely potent poison, another pouch containing his favorite seasoning; hotroot pepper, one of his most prized possession; a gold chain with a medallion of a intricate symbol attached to it, he rarely wears this, but it does have a special, secret importance to him.

     -Sword fighting
     -Paw to paw combat
     -Very tactical mind

     -Merciless killer
     -Virtually no morals
     -Not loyal

     Rogg was born on Green Isle, into a happy otter holt, in a time of peace that was a great blessing for the inhabitants of the island. Being as his father was a mercenary in his younger days, Rogg was naturally interested in the skills needed to become a paid fighter. Learning the art of sword fighting at a fairly young age, he was always being trained for the mercenaries's life, constantly drilled in reading his opponents, knowing when to fight and when to run, defenses from various attacks, and other important skills.
     As he grew older, some viewed him as an asset to the safety of Green Isle, but others believed that he was a danger, and should not be allowed to stay. Eventually, the pressure grew to strong for him to handle, and he left his family and friends, pursuing his dream to become a blade for hire.
     He traveled east and north, taking his first contract from a warlord in the Northlands. Unfortunately, not having any actual experience in the field, he botched the job and was nearly killed by those he was sent to slay. Rogg did survive though and moved on from the incident.
     He continued to work his way around the land, taking small contracts here and there, keeping himself alive by any means necessary. As he fought, and spilled his blood, he became more and more of a deadly force, picking up skills and turning into a hardened killer, and a respected mercenary.
     Rogg continues to search for contracts, and is now heading for Salamandastron, hoping that they would be in need of his services.

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