Captain Ascendra the Shadow

  • Nickname: Black Death, Shadow Fox

    Name: Captain Ascendra the Shadow

    Race: Fox

    Description: Expressionless and emotionless, Ascendra is the perfect assassin. Dying his fur black every morning with dyes of certain plants, he can hide in the dimmest shadows. He wears a cloak that matches his fur color and no sheen. Ascendra is greedy and will work for the one that will pay him the most, whether they be good or evil, though his true allegiance lies with Warlord Stargg Silverfur. He has no definite eye color, due to his cloak covering his face most of the time. He isn't very tall, about a head smaller than most of his race, though it doesn't hinder him from performing his tasks. Ascendra has a deep seeded need to cause injury, preferably mental, to his victims.

    Possessions:  He is never seen without his midnight black cloak or his black steel cutlass, for major missions. For assassin missions, he wields throwing knives and a dagger. A pouch of poisonous herbs lays across his left side.

    Strengths: Ascendra's size allow him to hide easier than most. A trusted member of the inner circle of Warlord Silverfur (Though that's not saying much). Ascendra is exceptional when using his throwing knives. Unlike most vermin, Ascendra bathes to keep anyone he hunts from picking up his scent.

    Weaknesses: Ascendra is not very proficient in using his cutlass. Doesn't work well with others. Bright areas.  Has difficulty mixing herbs.

    Background: (Dang. Can't come up with anything. I'll be working on him in the days to come)

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