• Nickname:None of which he knows.


    Species:Red Fox



    Appearance:Meh is muscular,and lightly scarred due to his life in the wilderness.His tail is slightly madden(gives little care for looks.)His hands and arms are rough and tough with many scare tissue.His eyes are hazel.His right paw is completely red.His fur scarlet red but dusty from not bathing often.

    Description:He is a master survivor,living his entire life on an large island.He isn't good at talking.He is a vigilante,helping creatures in distress.

    Posseions:He has improvised weapons he makes on the island.With a small knowledge of smithing,he created a singled bladed short sword with a large sawed tooth blade.It's light but strong.He also has a small club with small iron spikes on it.

    Strengths:He is flexible,agile,fast,and strong.Having his entire life on the island,he has a strong knowledge of poisonous and edible items of his home.

    Weakness:He isn't very intelligent with speech and can be very frustrating when trying to communicate with him.For example you say "apple" he says "good red".

    Backstory:Meh was born on a ship with his younger brother who he knows little of.All he knows is from a squirrel who took care of him when his family was chased off by an army of hares.He got his name from a hare who said "Meh!Let off!"after Meh tried to get food from him.When the squirrel found him and asked his name Meh said "I Meh!Who you?"His grammar skills are just from listening to the traders who come through the island looking for spices.The squirrel died of malaria when Meh was 13.However,he was able to live on his own.

  • Cool Dank! I like him 😃 btw… your favorite Redwall animals are foxes, right?

  • Yus.

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