Katya Kitaeva

  • Name: Katya Kitaeva (kAHt-ya)
    Nickname: Kat, Kit, Kitty
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Species: European Polecat
    Occupation: Healer

    A tall skinny polecat, standing exactly six foot one. Katya has large bright blue eyes the stand out against her darker fur. She has normal polecat markings (see picture for reference http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/60/Ilder.jpg) but not normal colors. Instead of a beige color underneath, her fur tends to have more of a dark-burgundy under the black. Her fur across her back is permanently dyed with a large blood-red dragon. The dragon’s tail goes down her own tail, giving her the appearance of having a red stripe across her tail. Her footpaws are dark black, and her frontpaws are white. The mask-type marking on her face is white also. Her stomach is black and she has a black stripe starting at her forehead and running down her back. (yeahh… it gets confusing. maybe I can draw you a picture sometime.. ‘cept I’m not much good at drawing…) She wears a long violet hooded robe tied around the waist with a black sash. She sometimes wears a violet headband.
    Her personality is keen and quick-witted. It is not without humor, but she is not usually the first one to make a joke. Katya is energetic and fairly sociable. Though she never talks about it she has an amazing singing voice. It takes a lot of convincing her before she will sing in front of anybeast. She also has a wild and rebellious side. She likes to be free and wandering. This was mainly influenced by her early life in the north.

    She keeps tons of odd possessions that most beasts wouldn’t have much idea what to do with. She has kits for dyeing fur and many things used for healing. She has bandages, poultices, and medicines. She has a long cherry-wood staff, and two long matching daggers with both handles and blades that are a very curious snow white. She has a silver circlet inlaid with white gems, and with it she has matching bracelets, anklets, and a tail ring, and quite a bit of bone jewelry in addition to this.

    ~Healing abilities. They far outmatch the skill of most normal beasts. 😃
    ~Very athletic / good climber too
    ~Steadfast and decisive and so can hold her own.
    ~Can turn a phrase excellently. And while sometimes being rather coy with her words, it can help her in many situations.

    ~Wielding heavy weapons.
    ~Not super patient… Doesn't like it when otherbeasts take forever getting to the point.
    ~Very cautious of other beasts.

    Katya was born in the harsh northern territory, once held by Luke the Warrior and his clan. Her family huddled in the cold dark caves during the callous winters, hoping for some kind of warmth and shelter from the chill blasts of northren air. In the summer they would come out and fish for their food from the rocks. Neither Katya’s mother nor father had any occupation. They lived by themselves and fended for themselves. Katya had a younger brother and sister that were twins. By the time she was fourteen they were still nine.

    Katya loved being outside of the caves. She loved the wild un-predictable nature of the north. She loved the storms and violent winds. She loved the rain that often poured down and soaked her fur, while she was out wandering among the rocks. He mother and father stayed in the northlands and nothing ever changed for quite some time. The twins had always expressed a strong desire to see new lands. When Katya was 19 it was decided that she would take her 14 year old brother and sister to see Mossflower. They didn’t know how they were going to manage it over the unpredictable seas, but they decided there was no other way.

    They started working on building a boat to take them there. It was beginning to look more and more hopeless as they ran out of supplies to build it with. Luckily for them a crew of about 12 mice, 5 shrews, 2 rats, 8 otters, and 6 voles, wrecked on the coast one day. Finding the little boat, the shipwrecked creatures promptly tore it apart to repair their own. Katya stopped them just was they were about to set sail. She asked them where they were bound, they told her they were going back to Mossflower after an unsuccessful journey elsewhere. Katya asked them to take her, and her siblings, along with them. They heartily complied. After saying goodbye to their mother and father, the young polecats departed with the odd crew of beasts.

    Katya learned that the two rats were good. Apparently they were brothers that had run away from a vermin clan at a fairly early age. They were found by the captain of the ship, a mouse named Benjamin. After finding out the rat’s abilities, Benjamin employed them as his helmsmen. There were two voles and an otter that acted as cooks. The otter made a wonderful hotroot soup (quite often I might add.) Katya grew to love the taste of it, and could stand very spicy foods from that point on. There was an otter for a lookout, an otter for a boatswain, and a mouse for a cabin boy. There were also quite a few oarbeasts, but they all worked willingly.

    All in all it was very interesting and skilled crew. They got the polecats to Mossflower, safely and quickly. There they departed to go to the abbey of Redwall for a time. Katya’s siblings pleaded to go with them to the famed abbey. The crew and the polecat twins left for the abbey, saying goodbye to Katya.

    Katya lived on her own in a cave by the river moss. The cave was fairly large and it served as a comfortable home to her, it reminded her of the caves back in her homeland. She became very interested in herbs, plants, medicines, and healing. Her first real experience at helping an injured beast was when she dealt with a bird’s wing.

    A robin stumbled in one day. Its wing was shattered from an encounter with some crows. The robin only asked at stay the night then he would be on his way. Katya knew he could not go on with a wing like that. She rubbed poultices on the wound and bandaged it up. After five weeks the wound had healed completely and the bones had settled back into place. The robin was able to fly easily again.

    Katya was not a little astonished at her success. Happy that she was able to help somebeast, Katya continued to study the art of medicine even more. Gradually she became an expert and helped many other beasts.

    At age 20, the only thing she wants to do now is travel to Redwall Abbey to see her brother and sister again.

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