• Nickname: Greg

    Name: Gregory

    Species: Mouse

    Greg has black eyes, and thin, tousled light brown fur. He's the size of a normal mouse and wears a simple dark blue tunic and belt. Occasionally, he wears a cloak. He has no  physical nor mental problem so far. He has small rounded ears that bend easily at the slightest breeze and a tail that is hairless at the tip. His hind legs are quite formed due to running and wandering most of his life.

    Just a basic dirk, sling, small handmade lute, and pouch of stones. Occasionally, he carries a small haversack for food and drinks.


    • So far, he is a champion bragger.

    • Greg is comical, likes to crack jokes, and is great at comebacks.

    • He plays his lute, but can't sing.

    • He's a fast-thinker and can think of excuses to get out of trouble.


    • He can be impatient and doesn't like to wait.

    • He has the ability to hold grudges against those who hurt him or any loved ones.

    • Gregory is lazy when it comes to working.

    • He is nosy and eavesdrops on conversations that generally lead him into trouble.

    Gregory was born to two Gonfelin mice who couldn't raise him. He was left in front of  the gates of the Redwall Abbey when he was still a babe. Although he was raised by good Abbeybeasts, he still had Gonfelin blood in him. Fortunately, he never stole, but was a naughty dibbun while he was young. The good cellarkeeper Korgan, was fond of him and made him his first sling, lute, and when the time came, his very own dirk.

    As he aged, Greg became more and more tired of the simple Abbeylife. He wanted to go on adventures, travel far and wide. When his young seasons departed, Greg left the abbey for adventure. For now he will be a wanderer, searching new and far away lands.

    (Please go easy on me, I'm new to RPG.)

  • It looks fine to me! If you were to add a little more detail it wouldn't hurt anything. 😛


  • Thanks guys, I'll try adding more detail.  🙂

  • No presher, (<<

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    Sparhawk, that would be spelled "pressure". Anyway, good character, Gregory!

  • Lol, thanks Jared.

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