• Kiara had been traveling for some time now, always going west. And now she had found herself in Mossflower Woods, alothough she did not know it.

    She was carring a bow around her shoulders and a few arrows slung on her back, some food in a napsack she carries in one paw and a knife up the sleeve of the other.

    She walked around for hours. Finally admitting to herself that she was indead lost. The sun was now getting lower in the sky and it will be dark soon.

    "..Hello..is anyone around?" she asks, looking around to see if she can see anyone. "I'm lost, can you help me?" She called out unsure if any beast was around, but what did she have to lose? If now one called back, she would be stuck here till morning. She sighed to herself. "..Can anybeast hear me?.." She called again, waiting for an answer that might not come.

  • A distant voice called back from the north. "Hello? Is someone out there?"

  • "Hello? Is someone out there?"

    Kiara heard the call back of an other creature. She sighed happily to herself, looking in the direction the voice was coming from and answered back. "Yes. I'm here…and lost."

    She slowly made her way to the creature who had called back to her.

  • Whiptail snickered to Snagtooth. "It worked." He whispered.
    Snagtooth silently cuffed him. "Hush up you fool or she'll hear you."
    The two were hiding in a tree waiting for the unsuspecting victim to walk beneath them.
    Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

  • Kiara continued to walk to where she though the sound came from and stopped and looked around, but to her dismay she saw no beast.

    Maybe it was the wind or something shifting my echo around to make it seem like there was an othe beast 'round. She thought to herself.

    She looked around once more, just standing there, wondering what else to do.

    She unknowingly leaned her back upagainst the tree that the two rats were in, resting for a moment.

    Kiara called out again. Maybe she missed whoever called to her. "Hello, are you around here?"

  • Suddenly Snagtooth's ugly face appeared out of nowhere as he dropped from the tree. "Right her deary." He said viciously, and grabbing her bow in both hands, he tried to wrestle it from her.

    Whiptail also dropped from the tree just after Snagtooth and started to try and search her for items of value or weapons as Snagtooth wrestled with her.

  • Kiara gasped and jumped as Snagtooth make his presence known to her.

    "Let go." She said as she tried to wrestle her bow from his grip. She had been so caught up in fighting for her bow back she hadn't noticed Whiptail.

    She all of a sudden let go of her grip on her bow. Hoping it would cause Snagtooth to fall back against his own pull, so that she could get away from him. She could always make a new bow.

  • Snagtooth fell back, his rump hitting a knobby root. Howling in pain, he tossed the bow aside and pulled out a dagger. "Hold 'er still Whiptail!" He called. "This one'll be dead as soon as I get to 'er"
    Whiptail grabbed her around the waist and held on to her.

  • It was only when Whiptail grabbed her that Kiara knew he was there. She struggled to break free, but stopped, knowing she couldn't defend herself against two rats, with no weapon. She had a knife up her sleve, but she wasn't ready to use it just yet.

    "Please, don't" She whimpered "…Anything you want......" She started but cut herself off. What could these two rats want with her, she didn't have very much.

  • -ooc- This would be a nice time for someone else to interfere before these two mean rats regret something… (Oh wait... They're vermin. They don't regret anything. LOL)

    Whiptail is open for capture.

  • (( OOC - I guess no one wants to save/help me  😞 
    Well you can have Snagtooth and Whiptail capture her or something, whatever you want, and I'll have her escape or something later on or maybe some beast will come along later ))

  • -ooc- I realized that the plans I had for Squall wouldm't work if he were a little ol' falcon, so I made him the largest reasonable bird I could. I also couldn't find a good place to bring him in at first, so this was perfect. Thanks. (Looks like you're gonna get saved by a bird again Kiara. 😉 )

    Squall(Gold Eagle) Had been resting in a nearby tree when He heard the beasts fighting. He shook his head to clear out the sounds at first, thinking that he was dreaming, but eventually he woke as the sounds continued.
        Looking down at the animals without much intest at first he saw Snagtooth and Whiptail. Suddenly he was wide awake. His silvery cat-like slitted eyes narrowed as he picked up what was happening. He carefuly moved from view.

  • ((OOC - yay me 😑 hehe))

    Kiara was to preoccupied with the two rats, one holding her and the other holding a dagger, to notice Squall up a nearby tree. And right now she didn't really care if she did, she was too busy trying to save her life. Although she did sence an other presence, she just though it was an other rat, and she was thankful that it was just the two of them attacking her and not the three.

    Kiara continued to try to struggle away from Whiptail. "Plaes don't. I mean you no harm…" She said to Snagtooth.

  • ((Hope you don't mind me joining in.))

    Lance Skybreeze watched the scene from a near by beech.  He kept one paw on his rapier hilt.  "Can't let this go on much longer," He muttered to himslef.  With all the strength he could muster Lance launched himself from the tree.  He landed on Whiptail knocking them both to the groud.  Lance reached for his rapier but it had falled from his grasp during the fall.  Lance's mucsles twinged as he wrestled the rat.

  • ((OOC - No not at all.))

    Kiara didn't know what happened. She was standing there with Whiptail holding her, and now all of a sudden she's on the ground.

    She put her paws to her face and closed her eyes and hoped that this was all just a bad dream, laying where she fell. She didn't know want happened, and what's going to happen, and she didn't really care as long as she gets out of here alive.

  • Squall shrieked as he dove out of the sky, clasping his talons around Whiptail and lifting him into the air.

    -ooc-Sorry for the short post. I've gotta lot to make up after all this time.

  • Lance let go of Whiptail as he was lifted into the air by the large eagle.  He ran and picked  up his long rapier.  Pointing it at Snagtooth he taunted him.  "Hey vermin!  Why don't you quit bullying helpless mades and try fighting a real warrior?"

  • kiara sat upright as the weight was lifted off her, she didn't care how or why.

    'I am not helpless!' She though to herself, but said nothing, after all, this squirrel is helping her, plus an other creature who took Whiptail somewhere. She slowly got up, but fell down again, finding out the hard way that her ankle was sprained. "Great." She said to herself softly, as she started to watch what was happening between the squirrel and the rat.

  • Snagtooth realised that he would have to act quickly or Whiptail was going to die.
    He withdrew his sling but instead of slinging a stone with it, he used the weight of the loaded stone to wrap the sling's tough leather around the blade of the rapier. With the sling securely in place, he yanked backwards in an attempt of loosing the rapier from the paws of the tough squirrel.
    At the same time, he withdrew a dagger from his belt of flung it left haded at the feet of the leaving eagle. If the dagger hit the eagle, he might drop whiptail before it was too late.

  • (Squirrel)

    Lance pulled hard but the weight of the rock in the sling caused him to lose hold of his rapier.  Weaponless, Lance was at a disadvantage.  "Sky Breezeeeeeeee!"  He let out his family's long time war cry and dove at Snagtooth, trying to wrestle him and maybe get back his rapier.

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