Vincent Spearback, Last of the Spearback Tribe

  • Nickname: None as of yet

    Name Vincent Spearback

    Species: Hedgehog

    Description: A fearsome looking creature, Vincent is not of the sort, unless dealing with Vermin. He is shorter than most hedgehogs, but is muscular. He usually a traveling cloak, a tan vest, and a pair of tan pants.

    Possessions: Vincent carries a large club in which all manner of large thorns have been arranged around the top in an orderly manner. He carries a torn, but sturdy, pouch on his left side that holds a green gemstone that is about the size of his fist. Another pouch on his right that contains a potent mixture of herbs that could put a badger into a sleep that he would never wake from. A haversack he found, carries any healing poultices and other medicines, food, and tinder and flint.

    Strengths: Vincent has immense strength. He cares for those that have never wronged him, save vermin. Kind and giving, he'll go out of his way to help another in need without payment.

    Weaknesses: Vincent is one to give up of one that he cares for. He has a rage that is similar to the Bloodwrath, but he can distinguish friend from foe.

    Background: Coming from the Spearback tribe, Vincent was one of the strongest in the tribe. The tribe consisted of nearly two hundred hedgehogs. Peaceable and good natured, the Spearback tribe gave aid to the hurt and food and bed for the weary. The tribe's main form of entertainment was a gladiatorial style of fighting, which made them formidable fighters in combat. Vincent leatned from the best, but was beaten many times in his youth. Though inexperienced, in the years he became the top fighter in all of the Spearback tribe.
    Many years pass and peace has been with of the clan for nearly twenty seasons. One rat came with orders from a warlord, saying that they surrender or die. Vincent didn't like that, nor did anyone else. They took arms and waited for the horde to arrive. Fire arrows rained upon the unaware hedgehogs, burning many of their huts and even killing many of the defenseless. In a rage, the Spearback warriors charged the horde, but they were too many. The horde tore through the rabble quickly. Passing over the barely conscious Vincent, the horde tore apart the Spearback village and killed everyone that remained. Once destroyed, the horde moved on.
    Days pass since that incident and Vincent was found by a squirrel healer by the name of Yeera. Yeera brought Vincent back to the land of the living, but only barely. The burning rage that was inside Vincent caused him to recover quickly. Yeera warned him not to fight the warlord, but Vincent wouldn't listen and left Yeera. Vincent returned to the village to find that everything wasn't all destroyed. He collected the sacred gem of the tribe, a pack of food and medicines and a flint and set out for to kill the horde.
    His wanderings took him to Salamandastron and he learned everything he could from the hares that resided there. Finishing his stay, he followed his own path, to slay the horde that killed all he loved and knew.

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