• Emil was just outside the bar and there was a small gathering looking in on it. He walked up to a tall otter. "Hey mate, whats going on in there?" The otter looked at the creature beside him. "It seems that some vermin are causing a ruckass in there. Chased most of us out of the darn place!"
    Emil stepped back into the crowd a tiny bit, he did not want to be the first animal that the so called vermin laid their eyes on when they finally came out.

  • Tristin smiled and took his blade away from the bat's throat.  "Well, seeing that you are so reasonable, I don't see the need to kill you or harm you in any other way.  I'm a good fellow, really."  He pulled his poigniard out of the side of the bar, releasing the bat.  "Sorry…  And I would be willing to help you with your bounty hunts, if Prattel is.  And, you need not split any rewards with me.  Gold attracts the gentler sex all too easily, and I confess that I'm perfectly happy as a bachelor right now..."

    The weasel turned Dug, and shook his head.  "Bat cutlets?  I don't think that that will be necessary...  Presumably, our bounty hunter friend and other guilty parties will be willing to pay for the damage to your property..."

  • Prattel was smiling at the events that has happened."Always have an angry wolverine close at hand."He walked over to Sebastian.He grabbed the bat's paw and helped him up."Nice aim Tris."

  • "Yes. Excellent aim," Sebastian muttered, rubbing his ear and standing up. He waited for his ear to cease stinging, then he looked around at the seamier patrons in the bar. He drummed his fingers on his loaded crossbow, "So, who do we bag first? It's like pick-N-choose in here."

  • "You can't just go up and get some ordinary thug.That's dangerous.We need to go after this guy!"Pat pulled out a wanted poster.The poster read"Wanted: Dester the Collector.Charges: Mass murder,mutilation,torture,and general terror among the peace.Reward:100,000 gold pieces alive,50,000 dead.Contact Lord Bareback at Castle Floret."Prattel placed it on a table."How 'bout it?"

  • Sebastian looked over the poster, then looked at Prattel and Tristin, "I like it. Compared to him, you would have been just pocket change." He rolled up the poster and slipped it inside his coat, "So, where do we start looking for this psychotic madman? Local asylum? Haunted graveyard?"

  • "Well the thing is…"Prattel began to explain."We got to get lost in Mossflower and let him find us.I hope you like staying up late."

  • "Weeeeeeee. This will be fun," Sebastian said sarcastically, turning toward the door, "Being hunted in the night by homicidal psychopaths. Just what I always wanted."

  • Dug rubbed his chin while mubbling numbers."Yes that should do just about to pay off the damage. I will come with you to make sure he is captured and the gold is turned over to me."

  • Tristin gulped dramatically.  "Mass murderer, general torture, mutilation… and terror among the peace, whatever the blazes that is.  This Dester sounds like a beautiful soul."  He smiled at the wolverine.  "At least we'll have a solid character with us.  You had better watch out for us, large fellow."

    The weasel sheathed his sword and slid his poigniard scabbard to the small of his back.  "The sooner we get going, the better chances we'll have of being ambushed and mauled by this valuable monster, so what are we waiting for?

  • "Wait, you can't leave without Gregory," Gregory approached them grinning.
    "I love chasing after homocidal psychopaths!" he squealed with sarcasm.

  • Pat walked back in."Last guy left once I told what Dester did.We better hurry,he can travel great distances quickly."

  • As the group started walking out the tavern, Greg took his drink and tossed a coin at Dug. Then he followed the rest of the party outside.

  • As the five creatures ventured away from the warm glow of the tavern's windows, Tristin gazed at the western sky, where a bank of purple clouds was building.  He whistled through his teeth at a distant crackling of thunder.  "Wheeew.  It rather looks like tonight is going to be one of those nights."

    The weasel wrestled his cloak from his knapsack and put the garment on, grinning at his fellow travelers.  "I hope you fellows don't eschew rain too much…"

  • Dug held up an oiled sail cloth pecie stretched flat by wood so he could hold it over his head."The rain will not bother me but thank you for asking"

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    BIC:  The weasel grinned.  "Well, I'm glad to hear that, my dear fellow…  However, as you have the heaviest fur here by far, I am not as worried about you."  He laughed merrily, his tenor voice echoing playfully through the forest  undergrowth.  "My concern is entirely for the bat, the stoat, and the mouse, who will be miserable  tonight right around the second watch, if I am not greatly mistaken.  Do you beasts have cloaks or blankets, I h0pe?"

  • Prattel looked about him."My sack has wax and oil made into it.I gusse I'll be fine.You two are out a luck 'cause I ain't sharin."

  • "I have an idea," Sebastian remarked light heartedly, "We could skin the wolverine there and wear his fur. Maybe the smell of fresh meat would attract that Dester guy. He sounds like the kind of person who would eat… raw..." He looked around at everyone's mortified looks, "Or, maybe I could just wear my coat and hat... That works too."

    They made their way about a mile into the wilderness, then entered a glade, about fifteen or twenty feet across. The sky had gone dark with twisting purple clouds and a few tiny droplets of precipitation had landed at random on Sebastian's hat; his acute sense of hearing allowing him to hear the tiny impacts. He looked around the clearing, "Looks like we'll be plenty exposed here. Dester oughta come at us like a moth to a lamp, only, it's a deadly, poisonous, super moth... metaphorically speaking."

  • Gregory took out a thick cube of cloth, held the top of it, and it unfolded into a cloak.
    "Learned it from an old friend up north…" and covered his head.

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  • Even though Prattel was a good fighter,he was scarred.He knew a few things about Dester and he knew that Dester wasn't the run of the mill pshyco.Dester was cool,collected,and silent."Sebastian,Dester doesn't eat other creatures,he dose other,worse things.He likes to take there body parts and bones.There was this tailless rat that said he encounter Dester.The rat said "He's a sick creature!"I just hope…..we.....don't find the....remains of his...oh boy."Along the path to the clearing were mangeled corpses.Many of which were renowned bounty hunters.Up against the tree was a squirrel with his lower jaw missing,his right shin,three ribs,six fingers,and his left femur."Dawdle Rugy.He was the best of the best,and now he's part of Dester's gruesome collection."He turned to Sebastian."You may know him,he spoke often of a day bat."

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