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  • Dug watched the large searat walk toward a mouse looking like he wanted to him harm. "Urrg, I didn't want a fight tonight." He said while reaching under the bar table and pulling out his large battle axe. He walked around the table toward the searat and mouse.

  • Prattel saw the events unfolding and jumped in to stop it."Hey,hey,hey!I just got out of one violent situation and I don't want another.Put down the axe and sit down Mr.Rat.Now is everybody calm?"Pat really didn't want to be involved with another brawl.Especially since theres a wolverine with a large axe.

  • Tristin cringed.  Wolverine responds to imminent fist-fight with battle-axe.  Lovely.  The weasel hastened over to the huge beast and laid a placating paw on the creature's muscular forearm.  "I say, old thing, calm yourself.  No need to go forth spreading death and despair whithersoever you go…  Look, see, my stoaty friend has everything under control..."  He ducked as a tankard flew through the air and crashed against the far wall.  "Well, at least almost under control.  Perhaps you could help by buying our obnoxious sea-rat friend here a fresh pint of bitter."

  • Dug  looked the searat right the eye "You got two choices here. You can go back and keep drinking your bitter, or you can start a fight and see just how sharp my battle axe is." he said griping his battle axe in both paws.

  • The rat grimaced at Dug.  "Huh, yew wouldn't have the guts to do anything to me.  Now do like the weasel said and buy me another pint before I gets angry.  And 'Urry up, stoopid!

    Tristin glared at the searat.  "My dear stupid and pugnacious fellow, I would suggest shutting your fat mouth immediately, unless you you fancy painting the walls with your insides tonight."

    The weasel turned to Dug, who was by now quivering with suppressed rage.  "Perhaps it would be best for everyone if you were to put your mauler away…  I doubt that the landlord of this institution would take kindly to a gory brawl..."

  • " I AM the landlord and I don't like it when rats, no matter how drunk or stupid, say I don't have the guts to do something!" By the end he was yelling in the rats face and his knuckles had turned white from griping the axe handle so hard.

  • The weasel gulped in surprise.  "You the landlord…?  Er, I suppose I failed to notice that.  In any case, carry on...  Perhaps you could throw him out of here, then..."

    The rat glared malevolently up at the wolverine, drawing a notched carving knife.  "Threaten me, eh?  Just you try anything."

  • Watching the verbal fight getting more intense, Gregory's right paw wandered toward his sling slowly.

  • " Oh you want to see me try someting? All right!" He took his axe in one paw and punched the searat full in the stomach sending him flyimg backwards.

  • Tristin gaped as the wolverine vented his rage and belted the rat across the room, and into a glass windowed cupboard full of pewter mugs.

    "My, my.  I think you settled that argument once and for all, my massive friend.  I just hope that you don't get mad at me someday…"  The weasel faltered as the huge beast turned towards him with a gravely forbidding look on his face.  "Er, would you care for me and my friends here to clean up the mess?

  • Sebastian watched quietly from a dark corner of the bar as the group of beasts around his target started to get violent. He silently lifted the wanted poster the chieftain had put out up to his face. The stoat matched the description exactly. He lowered the poster again and set it down on the table. Taking another small drink of his ale, he thought about the situation.
      There was a large, angry wolverine with a war axe, a bar full of (probably) criminals, poor lighting, and inebriates abounding. This would be easy. If a brawl started, his target would most likely bolt for the door, the same one he happened to be sitting beside, heh-heh-heh.
      Moving his coat aside slowly, he brought his small crossbow up on the table, hiding it behind his tankard. He adjusted his aim until it was pointed at the chain suspending a chandelier above a large table of about twelve beasts. By their slurred talk and jerking movements, he could tell they were well and truly drunk, and therefore susceptible to their urges, say, to fight, should the correct trigger come along. It was crude, and it was a cliche, but it had a high probability of being effective.
      With a deft flick of his finger, Sebastian Nolan Dayfly, world renowned bounty hunter, nicknamed Search N. Destroy, pulled the trigger, and lit the metaphorical powder keg.

  • Prattel was getting nervous."Lets calm down now okay!We don't want a fight do we?"A mug hit Pat in the back of his head.He smiled and turned to his assailant,the rat."If that's the way you want it…"He gave the rat a strong punch to the jaw,causing him to twirl,and fall unconscious."Yew can't do dat to the capn'!"The first mate,a large weasel said."You want to do some thing about it?Meet me outside!"Pat stormed out with a crowed following him.

  • Watching Prattel get struck by a mug, Prattel socking the burly rat in the jaw, a large weasel get angry, and Prattel challenging the weasel. Gregory undoubtedly followed the crowd outside the tavern to save. After pushing and shoving to get to the front of the crowd, Gregory asked Prattel, "You sure you know what you're doing?"

  • Pat looked Greg."Trust me,I have fought many bigger beast than he.He will be no problem what so ever.If you want to know how good I am at fighting,ask Tristin."As the crowed made a circle,the viewers started yelling."Break 'is back sailor!"A rat said."Yeah,brack 'em to pieces mate!"Another rat said.Obviously the crowed wanted a one sided fight to be fought.How right they were.

    Ooc:The weasle is an open Chara.

  • Tristin massaged his brow as the atmosphere in the pub became highly dynamic.    In the moment after the chandelier crashed to ruin, the patrons of the pub all rose to their feet as one respective beast and began to add to the chaos, each in his or her own way.

    The noise was terrific.

    The weasel looked with pity at the stricken wolverine.  "I say, bad luck for you, eh?  If there's anything I could do…"  He glanced at the crowd, which was moving rapidly towards the door, Prattel in the front.  "Excuse me a moment, I have to go make sure my friend is not about to be mutilated.  Be back momentarily."

    The mustelid scaled a fallen pewter cabinet and dashed outside.

  • "If they think I'm going to clean that up they got another thing coming." He went back into his forage room and picked up a large club with metal studs all down each of its four sides. On one side it had the words "Brawl Breaker" branded on it. He then walked out of his tavern and forced his way to the front of the crowd.

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