Liam Verdalas

  • Nickname: Li

    Full Name: Liam Verdalas(Ver-de-las)

    Species: Giant Otter

    Description: He is a big, and kindly otter who will give up anything to help somone, even swimming! He is 7' 4" high; a GREAT otter and all… 🙂 His fur is mostly light-brown with a white tummy. He has no birth marks or defections. His tail is his second strongest weapon next to his arms. He has taken martial arts and so is in good shape even without his weapon. He is a defender of the fammed Redwall Abbey and lends his hands to all who live there! Oh... and his eyes are blue! 🙂 (pardon the smileys) 🙂

    Possessions: He wears a leather and hide pants, has no shirt, and has a pouch around his waist. He has a one-and-a-half sword, and a sling.

    Strengths: Good at hand to hand combat, good at intimidating(due to his size), and good at projectial weapons too!

    Weaknesses: Goes into rages every once and a while, while in combat. Has a habbit to drink too much. And attracts all sorts of enemies.

    Background: He was born on the river mossflower and was sent to the Abbey Redwall with his mum to recover from the war that had just whent on on the river, between the clan and some river rats. There they met new friends and became equainted with the abbey. Li found his love in helping others around the abbey and defending it from all evil invaders. Soon after his arrival at the abbey he heard news of his father; who died... Li vowed that some day he would avenge his fathers death.

  • Hey Liam! Lookin' good…  When you say he is  "a defender of the famed Redwall Abbey" what do ya' mean by that? I don't think he can be the Abbey Champion if that's what you wanted. You don't have that position... Is he just a fighter... like a guard of Redwall of something?

    (And I dunno... can you have leather in this? I never used it 'cause I thought it would be barbaric for an animal to kill another animal to get his skin... Unless they were a vermin of course.)

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