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    Nickname: Trill, Shadow (not to good beasts)

    Full Name: Riversong

    Species: Squirrel

    Age: Human equivalent 22 years

    Description: Standing at head short of normal adults squirrels she looks a bit younger then she is. What sets her apart more then her appearance is the way she moves. Quietly, always trying to stay on the edges of ones perception and sulking in shadows even when no one is around most regard her as sinister in appearance and this is only reinforced by those rare moments when she looks at someone directly. Blue and grey shards peppered with black her large eyes rarely show any emotion.

    Her fur is thick to the point of being wretched in summer no matter how much she sheds but looks thin and spotty from a distance as its soft blue grey is molted with lighter shades on top, a blaze her chest is a cream color. Its a boon in winter or barren places though as it blend with darker stone and snow well. It's rarely visible but behind her right ear a hairless scar runs for nearly four inches at a sharp angle down her skull. It's badly puckered with signs that it was either poorly tended to or not at all when she received it.

    With regards to clothes she favors a light vest and and grey cloak that blend with her own coloring. On occasion she'll wear bright clothes and necklaces of her own making but these are rare moments.

    -Chest of interesting non-precocious stones and crystals
    -Bag of tools for making beads and carvings
    -Boxes of completed beads and necklaces
    -Vest with concealed knife pockets sew on the inside
    -Sturdy leather belt with a knife openly hung on it
    -Light grey cloak, it has a deep hood and a few knife pockets sewn into it
    -Network of spring spring and summer homes
    -Several winter burrows, she builds a new one in the warm seasons


    • Fighting with common and improvised weapons (knives, clubs, chairs, items generally available in a given mundane room, etc.)

    • Singing is perhaps Riversongs greatest talent despite how she rarely shares it with others. Her voice is mildly deep for a female and highly resonate with the capacity to carry over surprising distances clearly.

    -Carving, bead craft in particular. Her small fingers are nimble and clever when it comes to creating crafts. She dabbles in small figurines but finds them difficult to carry around so she makes them as well can but not half so well.

    -Lock picking, her fingers aren't just clever with a bead knife. She can pick most locks with a bit of elbow grease and some quite. A standard door lock might as well not be there but something more complex like a key based pad lock would take a few minutes or more depending on the lock.


    • She is generally unattractive by most good beast standards due to height and shifty physical mannerisms. In essence she seems untrustworthy. Squirrels in particular would find her unhealthy looking as well.

    • She is afraid of fire to the point of not using it even to cook. She will under all circumstances avoid it and find alternative ways to stay warm and things to eat. In domestic settings she will not come within fifteen feet of an open hearth and mistrusts stoves intensely though the lack of visible flame helps.

    -Her thick fur makes summer an uncomfortable season for her. Though most of her fellow squirrels would be horrified by it she often shaves herself practically bald which dose nothing to beatify her. In particular it reveals a wealth of scars normally covered. Most appear to be lash marks with the odd stab or bit of what might be some kind of shrapnel or a skid burn. They are not particularly disturbing in and of themselves but the volume is rather disconcerting as shows not simply prolonged violence at one point but many.

    -Riversong has never picked up a bow before and would likely hurt herself is she tried to fire one. It's not the sort of weapon someone would leave laying about so she's never had a chance to learn there use.


    So far as Riversong is concerned she was born just a bit older then a dibbun in chains with a weasel at the lash to remind her to keep moving. Nameless and without a clue to what might have passed before she went along and did her best to survive rather then worry about who she might have been. Undersized though of an indifferent disposition which was a positive in the slavers eyes her voice convinced them she was worth something though they could never find the right buyer and ended up passing her among themselves as they grew weary of trying to find one.  In the end it was a group of good beasts that finally broke the cycle.

    Captured and sold they came to be owned by the same man and Riversong took notice immediately of how different they were from the broken down beasts she was used to traveling with. Disturbed at first her curiosity lead her to spy on them and eventually speak with them. There stories of there lives before they were taken and convictions about freedom made her curious enough about it to do something. Using what the vermin had taught her by example she freed them all one night and set out with the group only to be shunned when they found out she'd done a lot more then pick a few locks to free them.

    Horrified that she'd murdered six vermin in there sleep they outcast her from the group and she was left on her own. With little understanding of any sort of normal society she found the wilds a harsh teacher but was quick witted and an experienced survivor. Rather then descend into complete amorality she came into her own way of living that was somewhere in between the cruelty of the slavers of her youth and the high handed morality of the good beasts who shunned her. Doing what she needs to survive she is without scruple but dose not seek to cause any other beast intentional harm.

    Her wandering eventually brought her to Mossflower and the great red stone abbey but she did not find a home in Redwall. Instead after some awkwardness she mad a home for herself in the woods and has since existed as something of a hermit. Rarely coming out save for the great feasts she gets along by herself without much trouble and if some beast losses there way she's been known to lend a paw in getting them back on the right way.

  • Very good character you got there! It doesn't need to be approved on this site by the way.

  • Thank you very much ^_^

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    Just wondering, Riversong, how old is she?

  • I'd put her at a human equivilent of 18-20. She's got no real idea of how old she is and her physical composition add to the ambiguity so I held off on adding a concreat age.

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