Zomba Yuri

  • Fullname:Zomba Yuri


    Species:Pole cat


    Appearance:He is 6'7 Dark brown with white along his face and stomach,which is a light brown creamy color.His eyes are light blue.His arms transfer darken to almost solid black.

    Description:He is a secretive creature,but dose make conversation when in a small crowd.He can be rambunctious when a celebration is going on.He is very cautious around new faces and doesn't fully trust a creature until he spent one or two months.He enjoys a good ale with friends he dose make.

    Posseions:He has a brown tunic,wicker sandals,a tarj,a short sword,a simple steel helmet,a dirk,and a kriss dagger.

    Strengths:Smart,cautious,creative,and a high tolerance for pain.

    Weakness:Has a pugnet odor in hot weather.Not the most aware creature.Has a low tolerance of strong drinks.He has a voice in his head named Jeff of whom he fights with.

    Backstory:Zomba grew up in the wetlands in a overly cautious family.They never wander far from there burrow when searching for food.Zomba was a bit less cowardly than the rest of his family so he usually searched for lunch and supper.When he out grew the family burrow,he moved into more wooded mossflower.He found an old abounded rabbit hole and fixed it up,making it his home.He has a job at a local tavern as a bar tender.

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