Character: Kiara

  • Name - Kiara

    Age - 18 seasons

    Gender - Female

    Species - Field mouse

    Weapon - Bow and arrow

    Fur - Light brown

    Eyes - Blue

    Clothes Black loose clothing

    Description and mindset - Kiara is a young field mouse full of energy and enthusiasm in what ever she does. She has a happy-go-lucky attitude and can sometimes be too trusting, but if you cross her, you best beware. Her weapon of choice is the bow and arrow. It is rather lighter than most weapons and she does not have much upper body strength. If its a good day she can hit right on target, while on bad days she can miss the target completly. Her bow and arrows have a little "k" carved into them.

    History - Kiara left home to go see the world. She left when she was around 16, exploring an everchanging place. She has two younger siblings, a sister and brother, whom she helped take care of, so she is rather very good at taking care of little ones. Though she might be a little rusty at it, sence its been a while.

  • Good bio. Leaves her wide open for development. Good job!

    __> and none of the nasty revenge stuff either…

  • Thanks


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    "Fun" should be "Fur", just to let you know.

  • ahaha thanks. Gone un-noticed for so long…..

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