Congratulations to Sparhawk. He has been promoted to Abbey Librarian! Everyone please gather round and support him in his new responsibilities here on RL.

The RL Mods

Also, Elizabeth has been given the position of Log-a-Log.

Thank you Namaste.

Congratz Eli!

Hmmmmm… I should be a bit more active wink

All hail Sparhawk!! Lord of knowledge and scholar supreme!! Letters, words, and sentences tremble at the very mention of his name!!

Viva la Guosim, and the fantastic Log-a-Log Eli!!!

(You should be flattered. I usually only save ego boosting like that for myself.)

Start trembling mortal words, sentences and whatnot! Thanks Pen!

YES! Quake in your boots and tremble where you stand foolish Earthlings! Fear the might of Penblade, er, Sparhawk and Elizabeth!!

OK OK, calm down Pen, I'm sure everyone is trembling. 😄

Trembling my paw! I think your the one trembling, oh what ever. All hail Lord Sparhawk, King of the Losers! That what you wanted? evil laugh

ahaha nice Rorg

Yeah thanks Spar, thanks O Humble Pen. 😃

I've been gone for a week, so can someone please fill me in?

Sure thing Jared. 😃

Spar is now the Abbey Librarian (and a Mod)!!!

I am now Log-a-Log! ^.^

OK, so what do you two (awesome) beasts do in your (awesome) positions?

Ummmm… well my charie, Log-a-Log Fatch, pretty much just has to charge people and go...


and to be perfectly honest I dunno what Spar is gonna do…

To see what I do look up^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.

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