Nicolaus Copernicus

  • Nickname: Nick, Cooper

    Full Name: Nicolaus Copernicus

    Species: Pine Marten

    Gender: Male

    Age: 20

    Profession: Smuggler

    Description: He's an odd little smuggler, with a very odd personality. He often has mood swings but he is never angry it seems. His mind is constantly wandering off-topic and he can never concentrate on one thing for long. He prefers to be alone but he has no problem with talking to other beasts. He wears a white shirt and baggy black pants. He has a little blue vest with brass buttons and a crimson red sash tied around his waist. He has a red headband and over top of that he has a blue pirate hat with one black feather in it. He has brown boots on his footpaws, and strips of white cloth tied around each wrist. He has a big brown belt with a brass buckle that he sometimes wears over his sash. To complete his appearance he has an eyepatch over his right eye, and one gold earring on his left ear. All-in-all it gives him a very pirate/salior-like appearance. He contains no blemishes, birthmark, scars, nor any other flaws in his appearance besides his missing eye. He has an odd little smile and his one eye constantly shifts. His fur is dark and sleek, a very dark brown. But his chest, neck, and stomach are all snow-white. He is very tall and skinny and not very muscular.

    Possessions: He keeps odds and ends he has smuggled in a rather large brown bag. His only weapon is a long brass-handeled pirate's cutlass. It is slightly worn but over all in pretty good shape.

    ~Good at using his cutlass in a pinch
    ~Is not easily provoked into losing his temper

    ~Gets himself into dangerous situations
    ~Will tease other beasts especially if they are bigger and tougher than him

    Nick was born to Stefan and Krysia Copernicus. He was a nosey little baby always getting into other beasts business. He had a sister, Izabella, who was two years older than him. Ever since they were little she always considered herself the better and more important of the two. He would steal stuff of hers and she would scold him then walk away with her nose in the air.

    Nick always had a strange desire to become a pirate. He stole on-board a corsair ship on the coast of mossflower at age 17. He was accepted into the crew as the scout. (Hence the pirate clothes. Probably his only possessions that were rightfully his; [the cutlass was not his.]) Proving useless as a scout, and rather weaker than his fellow shipmates, (and a bit of a tease), he was forced to leave the ship. He left, and he took some other things with him.

    He spends the rest of his life doing what he does best. Considering he was addicted to stealing, that was probably the only solution for him.

  • What an interesting fellow! I like him!

  • 🙂 Thank'ee Merce! I don't know what made me decide to make him but… I have a lot of odd ideas! ^.^

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