A Problem

  • I just counted all the members on this site that never posted ever and I got 95.That's nearly half!And I didn't even count the members who had less than 10.This is pitiful.I have no idea how many people who still come even here.If you remove all the no post,less than 10 post,and stopped coming there probably be less than 100 members less maybe even 30.We need a solution.

  • 😞 Sad story! Well, was a lot of activity when I started up again mostly oldies. This is the most active I've seen it ever. When I first joined it was 6 months before I even got a chary up! Hangs head in shame All I'm saying is that we should be patient. I know it doesn't seem like it but maybe if we wait more members will become active.

  • lol, I've got an idea, why not e-mail all member who have an e-mail showing. Asking if they could be more active! I know what you'll all says…
    "That would be a breach of privacy" and you're right it would be but hey, it's just an idea. We could even get a mode to say OK to it too. Or even have an Admin DO it.

  • Hmmm. A little tweaking…
    That idea might work.
    I'll be right back.

  • Are you working on a solution or just left for a bit?

  • Solution, or a possible one. I just wanted to be (Du duuuuuu) dramatic!

  • So what are you thinking?

  • I started advertising our site on DEVart, like, sending a note to all the Redwall oriented groups.

  • That's good! Good thinking Penblade.

  • A compliment?! You know what that means!

    (Wait for it)
    (Wait for it)
    ALL HAIL PENBLADE!!! GROVEL AT HIS FEET AND... (Tirade, tirade, tirade...) HAIL PENBLADE!!!

  • And theres another problem.

  • Just throwing this out there, I've been part of boards with as little as 10 players that completely rocked. Its less about number of players and more about commitment, understanding of source material and organization. 30 is honestly a large number, most boards are bloated by join and ditch people and those who dont really know how to rp and just comment occ.

  • Good point.

  • Exactly. This other Redwall RPing site I belong to has about 9-10 core member that get on a lot. They're committed to the site. There used to be a lot more active people at one time, but once they quit, it was the loyal people that kept the site alive.

    So… as long as we keep...
    Me, Namaste, Seth, Avel, Dank, Rorg, Spar, Marsh, Penblade(don't get full of yourself now mister...), TJ, Riversong, and umm... anyone else I forgot...
    we'll be in good shape!!!

    And sure we'll gain more awesome peeps along the road here... 😃

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