Marcus (otter)

  • Nickname:  The Stranger, Marc

    Full Name: Marcus  (last name known only to him)

    Species: River Otter

    Description: Marcus is somewhat of a nondescript otter, of average height and weight, no visible scars and but one odd marking; the tip of his tail is white. Marcus's fur is soft, and dark brown in color, except for the lower half of his face and the entirety of his chest, which is white. He has a kind face and deep hazel eyes. He carries himself with a confidence that comes with his young age. His clothes consist of a dark blue tunic, over which he wears a sleeveless burgundy doublet with a high collar. He often wears a black cloak which adds an air of mystery to his person. He also wears a longbow and a quiver of white fletched arrows across his back. At his side is a short sword that is more ornamental then functional and which he only uses when paw to paw combat is inevitable. He wears black gloves on his webbed paws and his forearms are protected with long sharkskin cuffs. Wears a silver band on his left wrist, and a gold tailring on his thick tail.

    Possessions: A yew longbow, barbed arrows fletched with seagull's feathers, a gold tailring and a silver bracelet, a simple belt from which hangs a short sword, a large pack in which he carries necesaties and items which he has picked up in his travels.

       - Archery
       -Has good judgement

       - Somewhat emotional
       -Not very good at paw to paw fighting
       -Too trusting


    Marcus was born far to the southeast of Mossflower in a war torn land where the warring factions had wiped out nearly all life that had inhabited the once beautiful region. In the midst of the chaos there was a small group of creatures who realized that they would be destroyed if they did not set up a secure place for any creatures who wanted to live their lives free from constant danger.
     So these few brave souls set up a small community where they started their lives afresh, protected from the warlords who eventually annihilated each other. They were known as the Safe Haven.
     This is where Marcus was born, in the one place where he wouldn't have to worry about the perils beyond the walls, he and his family were happy there. As he grew older, he learned the art of archery, became a skilled  fisherbeast and simply lived his life, along with his father, Alban, who he loved more then anything. Sadly, Marcus's mother had died when he was still a pup.
     Things began to grow harder for the community though, the wars had taken their toll on the land; fish became scarcer, crops would not grow, and worst of all, the water was running out. Once mighty rivers that flowed around them became streams, then creeks, then trickles. The creatures of Safe Haven needed water more then anything, and they weren't getting it.
      The young otter's father became the main advocate for finding alternate water source and another place to  live. But most of the town apposed him, they has grown to comfortable in their lives and were not willing to sacrifice everything they had built for what they called 'a foolish dream'. They thought that they could build wells that would supply water to the town. Though all their efforts ended in failure, they persisted in their blind attempts to find water below the cracked surface of the land.
     Frustrated with the selfishness of the townspeople, Alban left Safe Haven, and sought after the life giving water that could save their way of life. He went to search far for a suitable place for them to begin again.
    After he was gone for almost a year, the rest of  the creatures of Safe Haven took it for granted that he had died on his quest. But Marcus thought different, he just couldn't accept that his father was really gone forever, so he made the hardest choice of his life and left Safe Haven, and began the long, dangerous search for his father.
     Alban had said something about traveling to a place called Mossflower, where the waters ran cold and the trees grew tall. This would be the first place for Marcus to search for his illusive father….


  • Not as short I thouhgt it would be… good work!

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