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    This will be open and stay open unless no one else joins. Its just to reintroduce my old character Brad. 😃

    The end of spring was near, birds flying sky-high, woodlanders and river beasts enjoying every ounce of the new weather. It was a day of peace, which was a wonderful change considering the previous events that happened in previous years. A lone figure, slightly taller than an ordinary mouse, with sturdy and larger build, walked down the path. It wore a cloak neck down, battle helmet that resembled a roman warrior, and a large broadsword sheathed in its beautifully crafted scabbard, almost twice the body length of the large warrior. He wore his armor under the cloak, shin and foot guards as well, with torn red cape attached to his back, also hidden under the cloak.

    He was familiar with this path, traveling back to Redwall Abbey. The warrior had previously visited the abbey for many seasons; leaving to journey for three whole years. “..I am Bradley Steelwall, champion of the Canyon Lands..”  His thoughts spoke out, repeating his name over and over. He trudged on down the path.

    Brad’s warm blue eyes peered down the path, he sensed danger. Two creatures walked out of bushes on opposite sides of the path, eyeing the goodbeast down with bad intentions. “Harr harr, oi, boyo, look at dis mouse.” One of the vermin said, licking his lips. “Hohoho, I sees ‘im brother. You thinks hes got some good vittles?” The other said, laughing heartily. They were only a few paces back from Brad, who stood there, waiting. The beasts were two simple weasels, both armed, and both hungry.

    The warm wind blew against the cloak moving it in a waving motion. Both weasels snarled at Brad as they drew their crooked blades.

  • Raglan had been enjoying the weather of new spring.Lazily strolling down the opposite side of the path.He heard some commotion down the path.He saw the two weasels and the mouse in oddly clad armour.He walked up to the weasels,towering over.He drew his claymore and pointed it at the vermin."Now you two aren't giving this chap any trouble are you?"

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    Brad marveled at the insanely large Fox, then stifled a smile and moved his glove covered paw away from unsheathing his large broadsword. Brad might be big for a mouse, but being almost exactly three feet shorter made his muscular size seem insignificant.

    The two weasels looked up in fright, their faces pale, knees knocking together. "Nossir, we be travelin' a long sir!" The older brother said. "Y-Yea, we just wanna greet dis F-fine warrior over dere." The other one said.

  • Raglan cracked a grin."That's what I thought you were doing.Now move along unless you feel you need a height adjustment."He made one swipe and removed there crooked blades."Get a move now."

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    The weasels fell back as their weapons were knocked away. They scurried onto four paws and ran off "Sorry sir!"

    Brad walked up to the large beast and smiled "Well, thanks mate!" He stuck out a paw to shake "My names Bradley Steelwall, Champion of the Canyon Lands. May I ask what your name is " Brad said waiting to shake paws.

  • Raglan smiled and shook Brad's paw."No thanks needed Brad.I'm Raglan Seager.Champion aye?Looks like those weasels are the ones who should be thankful haha!"He put his claymore back in it's sheath."So were are going this fine spring day?"

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    Brad laughed then explained. "Well Raglan, I came from a journey and visited Redwall and stayed for many seasons." He continued. "I went on another journey and decided to come back, its been three years, I wanted to see old friends."

    He looked up at him and smiled, "And by the looks of it I'll be making some new ones too."

  • "Do right,do right.I've heard many tales of Redwall.Do you mind if I tagalong?I hadn't anything else to do."He looked at the exotic armour of Brad."Were did you get that armour?I never seen anything like them."

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    "Of course! I'd be nice to have a friend to travel there with, traveling alone isn't always too good." He said as he took off his cloak to reveal his full armor. "Well, back in my old village, it was crafted by our master black smith." Brad said showing off the battle damaged armor. "Quite exotic and different, eh? I just need to get it tuned up, its very damaged from battle and weathering."

  • "Armour ain't good if falls apart when a stone hits it.You'll probably won't have any more highway men trouble with me around,though you can probably take well care of your self.Don't suppose the Redwallers will take threat of me do you think?"He took his carving knife and began work on his unfinished squirrel sculptur.

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    "Hah, thanks mate for the help, and yeah you're right on that one." Brad looked at his sculpture, intrigued as he dabbles in drawing and art himself. He looked back up at the large fox and smiled. "Well, to be honest mate, most creatures never seen one your size before, but some of the Redwallers are great friends with me, they welcome all beasts to their abbey" speaking with a joyous tone to his voice.

  • He smiled as he continued to widdel."I've heard that from other woodlanders that it's a cheerful place and I've heard from vermin it's a place no vermin should wander to close to.I think I'll believe the woodlanders.Ya think they like carvings?I hope they do."

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    "Even vermin can get in if they display good behavior and follow the rules. Redwall is a place of peace and nothing more." He said watching Raglans display of talent with his art.  "I'm sure they'll love carvings mate." He took off his helmet and ruffled his headfur a bit, feeling the breeze flow through his head. "Just let me know when you're ready to go."

  • "I'm a fox of well manners and a love a art.I'm sure they'll let me in now.With you I'm sure of it.Well your ready,I'm ready lets go!"He put his carving and knife away.

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    (Don't mind me controlling the time going by and us getting there, its just to speed up the walk =p )

    "Haha, alright big fella, lets go!" Brad led the way down the path. Redwall was just about ten minutes away from their current location. The sun was shining brightly breaking through the tops of the trees in Mossflower Wood.

    "There it is mate!" Brad ran up to the gate and calling out to the gate keeper. "Hello!"

    "Bradley Steelwall? It really is you matey! It's been so long! I see you brought a guest as well!" He shouted back down to him.

    "Yeah, he got rid of some trouble makers on the path that were trying to steal from me!" The gatekeeper looked at the size of the fox completely mesmerized. "Well hes a big one ain't he? Well any friend of yours is a friend of mine.. OPEN THE GATES!!"

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