Volgat Grenitor

  • Nickname: Fireeyes the Berserk, The Giant

    Full Name: Volgat Grenitor

    Species: Badger

    Description: Volgat stands the height of an average badger plus half, earning a title  "The Giant". He wears only a basic tunic that is made especially for him. Volgat has a deep scar that runs half the length of his chest and can barely be seen under his tunic. Many other scars are present under his fur, but many cannot be seen. Volgat earned the name "Fireeyes" due to the color of his eyes when in bloodwrath.

    Possessions: Volgat carries a large trident that is two heads taller than himself. The trident pole was found in the ocean, most likely from a sea rat vessel, and cannot be rotted or warped. The trident tip was made from a strange ice blue rock that he found and unearthed, though it has to constantly be repaired. In a sack is usually a days rations.

    Strengths: Volgat had great strength and knows how to control it. He has no fear and will fight any foe, even if it means his death. Volgat makes friends easily and will defend them with his life, even at the cost of his own.

    Weaknesses:  Volgat can't fend for himself on long treks alone. Will fight any foe, even if it means his death. Unmoved  by  joy or  grief, even if he is close to them. Angers easily and will try to get revenge for misdeeds against those he cares for or himself.

    Background: Volgat never reveals anything of his past to anyone except those he trusts. (Sorry. Once I come up with one, I'll post it)

  • Warrior Member

    Haha, oohhh man I'm liking this. Can't wait to see how he got the scar. I have an otter with a scar that goes down his chest, he got it from hoisting up a large stake that snapped off its rope and it got him. (Hes not only a warrior but a carpenter and architect as well 🙂 )

    Can't wait to see his background story, I'm curious as to how he received his battle wounds.

  • You'll just have to wait and see on that one

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