Jarfor Rossomak and Lord McSteelbeak

  • Full Name: Jarfor Rossomak

    Species: Wolverine

    Description: A massive beast, roughly the size of a badger, even though he is not quite fully grown. He is covered head to toe in a mass of dark brown fur with touches of deep tan, grown thick for protection in harsh boreal climates. The fact can never leave his thoughts for good, as he usually spends the summers panting in the shade due to his heat-holding fur coat. Sharp hunter's claws tip off each of his fingers and toes, and when his jaws part they reveal a mouth full of teeth made for tearing. Though Jarfor cuts a very, very intimidating figure, his bravery could use quite a bit of work. Goodbeasts need not worry, as he'd much rather talk himself out of a precarious situation than have to fight his way out.

    He wears a kilt with a red, green, and black tartan pattern, adorned with a snakeskin belt and white furry tassels. In colder weather, when he will not overheat, he will sometimes wear a leather jerkin along with his kilt. He is a beast rarely seen in Mossflower, and he knows it. Because of this, he tries his best to remain unassuming. It's not uncommon to see him slouched shyly around new beasts.

    Possessions: Jarfor carries with him a spear made of iron and dark wood, from which two long thin red banners hang. It seems to be well taken care of, but is simply in good condition because of the rarity it gets used. He also carries a bow and a quiver of arrows to go along with it, slung across his back.


    • Though he isn't the most confident of creatures, he can have bouts of assertiveness brought on by emotion. He won't back down from anything that threatens his friends, though his limbs will tremble.
    • His physical strength is unmatched, and he most often uses it to lift or carry things for other beasts.
    • He can scare off enemies by putting on quite a ferocious display of his carnivore features, along with a great deal of snarling and roaring. It's his first instinct when dealing with a threat.


    • It is, however, just a display. Instead of clawing and biting, he's more likely to reach out with a spear and wave it about haphazardly while making as much distance between himself and the foebeast as he can.
    • He carries ranged weapons because he is afraid of close quarter combat, and he would be a decent shot with a bow if not for the fact that no matter what he does, he cannot stop his paws from shaking when he takes aim at anything other than a typical archery target.
    • He is highly cowardly. He'll do almost anything to make sure a fight doesn't happen.

    Background: Originating in the harsh, unforgiving savagelands of the Land of Ice and snow, Jarfor's unwillingness to put forth the true ferocity of a wolverine did more harm than good. He had always wanted to learn about the world around him, and realized at a very young age that having friends led to much less danger than having enemies. Unfortunately, this did not go over well in a land largely inhabited by fearsome carnivores, and Jarfor found himself struggling to survive. He set off across the sea the moment he heard of the comparitively mild lifestyle in Mossflower, completely unaware of the generations upon generations of conflict between the woodlanders and the wolverine's ilk. Soon after landing on the western shores, he gained a cohort, a fellow carnivore who dedicated himself to making sure his traveling partner stayed in line.

    Full Name: Lord Dromeos McSteelbeak

    Species: Golden Eagle

    Description: A large predatory bird. His plumage is that of a fully-grown golden eagle, a mottled mix of brown, white, tawny, and many shades in between. His keen eyes gleam a bright gold, and he carries an air of pride and warrior's spirit about him. Dromeos is equipped with the typical predatory bird fare: a hooked beak and large scaly feet with sharp curving talons.

    Possessions: He wears a leather cord necklace around his neck, hanging from which is a pendant made from a shining red stone carved into a diamond shape, and flanked by the claws of his enemies.


    • Keen eyesight, a common trait in predatory birds.
    • Dromeos is very brave, even more so now that he has to off-set the trembling heap of fur Jarfor becomes when danger rears its ugly head.
    • He has one thing nobeast but other birds possess: flight. Not only that, but he is a very fast flyer, covering large distances in a relatively short time.


    • He can be a bit cocky at times, and come off as haughty to other beasts. At times it can grow a little tiresome to certain types.
    • He's not quite as fast on the ground as he is in the air, in fact, he's much, much slower on his talons. When combat arises he must resort to undetected dive-bombs, and take to the air quickly before he makes an easy target for an arrow.

    Background: Lord McSteelbeak used to be of neutral alignment, considering himself a separate category from the ground-dwelling beasts he flew over. One night, however, a torrential rainstorm ravaged Mossflower country, and left the eagle injured and as good as dead. Early the next morning, just as the sun was beginning to break its way through the treecover, a small group of travelers discovered the ailing bird and brought him straight to Redwall Abbey, where he was nursed back to health. The hospitality shown by the Abbeybeasts was more than enough to make an ally out of the eagle.

    A few seasons later, he found himself flying over the dunes on a bring summer day when he spotted a peculiar creature laying on its stomach in the sand. He landed next to the beast before jumping back in surprise. It was a wolverine! The eagle began to caw, asking what business such a beast had in Mossflower, only to be cut off by the gruff, rasping voice that came forth from the panting, sand-covered heap.

    "Leave me. I'm not even worth eating," said Jarfor, who had unknowingly lit a spark in the spirit of Lord McSteelbeak. The avian saw a great potential in the wolverine, and, ignoring the beast's words, dragged him to water and shade. From that day on, they remained the best of friends, and though Jarfor may not think it, the golden eagle Lord Dromeos McSteelbeak would do his best to make sure the wolverine reached his mature seasons as a steadfast virtuous warrior. For now, though, there is still a lot of work to be done.

  • Haha, this is great!  It seems that you, like me, have a weakness for Redwall's largest characters.  🙂

    I've had an idea of a wolverine in my head since I joined, but have not been sure how people would take him.  Maybe I'll create him next year…

    Good job!  One feels a fondness toward both characters already.

  • I really do have a soft spot for the larger beasts. I'm just a fan of brute strength, I suppose, though with these profiles I was also settling my urge to do something interesting and to bring in some beasts that aren't seen in Mossflower often. Though I admit that I'm also a sucker for carnivores. When I learned about a character in the books was a wolverine of all things, I gasped audibly before saying to myself, "That is the coolest thing ever."

    At first my wolverine was pretty typical, a savage warrior-type, quite strong, and whatnot, but I decided to shy away from that for a bit, because, well… I don't know. It felt like cheating a bit to use a creature that's basically a small bear in a world where most characters are things like mice and rats. Of course Jarfor still has a fighting instinct, because he is a wolverine for goodness sake, but I thought it'd be both different and funny for him to turn into a fuzzy paint shaker at the first sign of things going awry.

    The bird is the same thing, really. You don't see many golden eagles around, and I very much love birds, especially birds of prey. And not just because they're also known as "raptors." Though I decided to do a throwback and take part of Lord McSteelbeak's name from Dromaeosauridae, family name of the dinosaurian raptors. You know, the absolutely terrifying ones.

    Anyhow. Thanks for the compliments Marshall, that's really all this winding spiel is trying to say.

  • @Serroth:

    I really do have a soft spot for the larger beasts. I'm just a fan of brute strength, I suppose, though with these profiles I was also settling my urge to do something interesting and to bring in some beasts that aren't seen in Mossflower often. Though I admit that I'm also a sucker for carnivores. When I learned about a character in the books was a wolverine of all things, I gasped audibly before saying to myself, "That is the coolest thing ever."

    Haha, I totally agree.  I am a sucker for the larger beasts and carnivores.  I dunno why…  But I am.  I like that they are used far less often...  It is more fun if your character is unique.

    I haven't really posted my wolverine char yet because I haven't really settled on a personality that is both unique and NOT cliche...  I know I want him to be neutral>>good, but am having trouble selecting personality traits...  Hopefully I'll figure something out before I ship off to basic training at the end of this year.

    Yeah, I was greatly pleased with the eagle.  You don't see too many of them around.  I like how you add little bits of family names into your chars' titles, too.  ^^

    And, all this winding spiel is trying to say is "you're welcome."  I'm looking forward to seeing J and LMS in an RP.

  • @marshallvondelini:

    I like how you add little bits of family names into your chars' titles, too.  ^^

    Jacques himself does this all the time, really, but unless you study the cladistics of British wildlife it isn't easy to notice. Sometimes a quick trip to Wikipedia will reveal it, though. The species name for the North American wolverine is gulo gulo, and it is categorized under the genus Gulo, and I did not know this until I went looking for pictures of wolverines so I could write my description. For Jarfor I wanted a Nordic sound, but his name is basically just "wolverine" in a few different languages, heh. Still, I like to learn how animals relate to other animals, as awful as I am at putting relationship charts together in the first place.

    Interesting thing about birds, though, I used to not really care about them much until I got a pet one. Silly little thing, she never seems to run out of ridiculous things to do that crack me up, especially biting the dog on the nose when the poor creature decides to venture a sniff. Then I started studying paleontology, and learned about the delightfully horrifying things my daft little puffball is related to, and it just went from there. It always makes me happy in a special place inside when a bird character shows up in a Redwall book.

  • Yes, I'd noticed Jacques do it several times, most notably with his wolverines in Rakkety Tam.  (How more obvious can you possibly get?)  Yarr, it is fun to mess around with animal names in different languages…  I've spent hours at a time amusing myself that way, thanks to Google's translating services.  ^^

    As far as birds, several family members of mine have them, and knowing how misbehaved they can be, it is not hard to see the family resemblances between them and the dromaeosaurs.

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