Ominous Portents

  • "Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come." ~ Rabi Thakur

    A young hare-maid dashed down the path towards the south, adrenaline coursing through her veins.  Her body protested the strain put on it from running so hard for so long, but the maiden felt she had little other choice.  Her legs finally surrendering to exhaustion, the girl fell to the ground.  "So cold," she said softly, between deep ghasps for breath.  Sweat clouded her vision as she pulled herself over to a tree beside the path.  The hare could do little more that prop herself up against the trunk, her body shaking from cold and terror.  "So very cold," she whispered again, trying to catch her breath and will her sore, exhausted body onwards.

    Several months prior, a traveler in a black cloak had visited her family's home.  She thought it odd that he carried a scythe without being a farmer, but his peaceful demeanor quickly put it from her mind.  After a few days, the traveler passed onwars to the west, into the deeper forest.  Again, something did not seem entirely right with the stranger.  As he left, he bid them farewell in a most unusual manner.  "Untill we meet again," he had said, his voice having a matter-of-fact finality that had spooked her to the very core.

    Another thought brought the hare-maid from her recollection: she was tired.  Quietly, the lass curled up at the base of the tree, still shivvering from the cold she felt.  She started to shut her eyes when her nose met the overwhelming scent of death and decay.  Panic taking over once more, she opened her eyes to see a flash a silver.  Half of a scream, the kind that one makes when witnessing one's own demise, escaped the young hare-maid before being silenced perminantly.

    A black-robed figure strode quietly down the path seperating the greater Mossflower Woods from what little remained to the plains.  The only sound accompanying this beast was the soft scraping of his ebon robe upon the ground on which he trod; not even a bird dared sing within a league of this beast.  From under the hood of the robe appeared to float the skull of some unfortunate rat; two azure eyes peering out where another pair of eyes once rested.  This 'rat' held in boney paw the haft of a scythe, it glistening in the sunlight that filtered between the boughs and branches of the trees about.

    Southward, thought this strange beast to himself.  A great many will need my services southward.  Many, indeed, and I shall work hard.  Very hard.  I'll not let a single one slip by.  Trudging on, the beast took notice of the sounds of life once more.  A slight smile crossed his otherwise grim visage; he could tell he would have much work to do in the near future.

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    Oliver had a feeling. It wasn't too good. As he watched the two from the ramparts talk to each other, Oliver went through a side door of the Abbey. He walked further from the gate and side door. He shivered, a chill crackling up through his spine. It was nerve wrecking, even for a muscular creature like his self. "Theres something wrong. I have a terrible feeling, a feeling of death coming to this Abbey.." Oliver thought to himself. He pictured something horrifying, making him nervous. He looked back to where the danger might be and ran back to the Abbey; the smell of suffering and death lingered in his nose. "I'm going to have to keep an extra eye out, I don't want anything bad happening to this nice place. Even if I lose my life in the process."

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    ic- criegon was resting when he felt this weird feeling like something was unusually wrong. the cold had taken over but something else was sending that tingling chill up his spine. something entered his mind just as a thick stench reached his snout. grabing his bag and racing up a tree he realized he was in great danger. as he reached the top he saw on the far end of the path a creature that he could not identify. all courage deserted him as he beheld the scythe the form held in his one visible hand. then the thought caught up to creigon and a mile more thoughts caught up to the burly otter. my foster parents insulted somebeast and my foster parents killers coldly murdered my them. after this terrible deed was done one said, "No one insults the creature of death." could this be the same one? creigon unwound his many throwing daggers from their pouch gaining a little courage.

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    He started to enter the side door again, he paused for a second and started thinking to himself. He didn't know what to think anymore; Shrugging off the thought. He usually wasn't frightened unless it's real bad. The squirrel walked back into the abbey, keeping the whole thing in the back of his mind. "I really hope no one is around that area of danger. I fear for the worst." That smell that lingered in his nose had a bad effect on the squirrel. His face turned a little pale, nose dried out, a sick feeling in his stomach. Probably from not eating though. In any case he ran into the abbey building.

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    -ic- The feeling of unsettledness seemed to spread across Mossflower very much the same way rumors do. Birds stopped singing, creatures stopped smiling, and even the River Moss didn't seem it's own bubbly self. Of the many unsettled creatures, Ash Arrow, was one of them.

    Ash's fledglings were left in the nest, and Ash had been gathering worms to feed her ever hungry children, when the feeling first alighted on her.
    Death. Fear. Sickness. Everything that was a dread to a creature came flooding back as it did now into Ash's mind. Her first thought was how to escape the feeling. She must fly away, her mind screamed, but then her motherly instincs took over, and remembering her children, she took off in a flurry of ash black feathers as she winged her way toward her nest.

    Every once of her strength went into her beating wings. As she flew, the scent and strange feeling of dread grew stronger. Fear crept back into Ash's mind, but she pushed them back again.
    As Ash approached her nest, she was overwhelmed with relief at the site of her nest still being there. As she alighted on the edge of her nest, she noticed that her fledglings' did not scream out at her to feed her as they usually did. Instead, they sat, fearful eyed, staring off toward the north. Ash let her eyes follow the direction of her fledglings, and her blood ran like icy fingers through her body.

    The creature seemed the very image of death. It's cold hard steeled scythe seemed to beckon for release from earthly struggles. Bones covered it's black cloak, and the glowing eyes beneath the skull spoke no kindness.

    Ash turned her eyes toward her children, then in the direction of the abbey of gentle creatures. Her children could not fly, and the abbey needed to be warned. As the mother debated the terror of the situation, she came to a decision. She would warn the abbey. Her children were in the nest, high up in a tree, and the creature did not seem to be coming their direction.

    Upon reaching her decision, Ash flew from the side of her nest, winging her way back toward the abbey. She could only hope that the abbey creatures would know of what to do with the terror that spoke of death. As she flewm some motherly instinct told her that it was not wise to leave her children. Ignoring this, she continued her silent, terror driven flight toward Redwall.

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    A well build mouse warrior and his journey from the Canyonlands shows his fatigue. He didn't know what to think of this Redwall place. He walked down the path, empty stomach, dehydration. It didn't seem right, the path was quiet. Brad looked ahead in fright, spotting a cloaked Rat. It had its sharp scythe, glistening as the sun hit it; an unwelcoming presents. He saw it's bony features clinging to the outfit. It felt cold around him, a spine tingling chill ripping upwards. He was too fatigued to fight, but he removed his large Broad sword from its jeweled scabbard.

    He walked behind the creature until he saw Redwall. Slowly but surely he ran in a different direction that led him directly to Redwall Gates. He needed to get in to eat and drink. To get some rest. He wanted to be at his fullest if he was going to protect himself from such a creature. "What is that thing? I hope no one gets hurt." He looked over to a side door. A resident of the abbey showed him the way in.

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    ic- creigon let his sling whirl around in the air getting it up to speed before loosing it at the creature of death. then dodged behind the tree again. He heard a clank of metal aginst stone as the rock glanced off the sharp scythe.

  • (( He's not quite at the abbey, though that is his end destination.  It won't be a siege, though, since he's just one beast and that's not his purpose anyways. ))

    A fluttering sound penetrated the hood of Mort's cloak, drawing his attention from his thoughts.  Looking up, he caught sight of a black-feathered bird flapping madly away.  Curious, he noted its path of flight being the direction he was flying and began to tread once more in that direction.  "Fear not," he said to no beast, his voice deep and carrying the weight of a block of granite, "I only take those whose time has come."

    Plodding on, Mort attempted to return to his thoughts, only to be once more interrupted; this time by the clanging sound of rock striking metal.  Looking up, he caught the sight of a pebble falling after its deflection off of his scythe.  A sigh escaping him, he adjusted the position of his dread weapon and double-checked the blade for any damage.  The rad had no tolerance for his blade being anything besides the razor's edge between this world and the Dark Forest beyond.  Determining that no harm had befallen the symbol of his duty, Mort raised his gaze once more to the area.  His azure eyes scanned the tree line for any sings of the slinger, lest he find another stone sent his way.  Unable to discern any figures, the rat shrugged slight and resumed his course southward.

    "Not until their time," he reminded himself audibly.  "That is your duty.  Only usher those due unto the Dark Forest."

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