Flaire Madbeast, Captain of the Redriver

  • Name: Flaire Madbeast, Captain of the Redriver
    Gender: Female
    Age: 34 Seasons (7.5 Human Standard Years)
    Species: Fox
    Occupation: Captain of the Ship, Redriver

    Physical Appearance: Flaire stands about five foot seven and is of average weight for one of that size. She has the normal red color found with most red foxes. She wears a long black dress and the usual pirate captain's hat.

    Possessions: Flaire carries a chain weapon that extends around five and a half feet that ends in a grappling hook that has sharpened points. Also, she wields a cutlass that is stained blood red, owing to the fact that she doesn't clean it (And, in her opinion, adds to her intimidation), although she keeps the blade in perfect condition.

    Personality: Flaire is a pessimist and will look at the negatives in a battle, rather than encourage her crew to fight for her. Instead of encouraging her crew, she believes in controlling with fear, praising them very little. Flaire believes that she has a good following by her crew. Flaire trusts nobody and is a bit paranoid that someone is trying to kill her and want to gain control her ship.

    Strengths/Weaknesses: For her size and build Flaire is strong, though has a tough time handling her chain weapon. Flaire is extremely adept at using the traditional pirate weapon, the cutlass, and wields it with deadly accuracy. She commands a fearsome presence and will try using intimidation tactics if necessary, though many don't find her intimidating at all (Though the crew would say otherwise).

    History: Flaire began learning of the waterways at an early age, though mainly on her own. She wandered the waterways of the River Moss, mapping the paths. Many seasons passes as Flaire mapped the waterway and eventually it led her to the ocean. Following the ocean south, she saw the great badger mountain, Salamandastron. Knowing the opinions of those that disliked foxes, she avoided the mountain at all costs and wandered further south.
    A Season later, Flaire comes across a damaged ship that was wrecked on the shore. Whether it hit a reef or took some damage from some rough seas, Flaire would never know. Taking many seasons to repair it, Flaire knew that the ship wouldn't be seaworthy by doing everything herself. Passing herself off as a healer, Flaire tricked many creatures into helping her fix the ship. Once the ship was repaired, she took the pitiful band of helpful creatures as slaves to assist her in getting the ship back to Mossflower woods, so she could do some recruiting and before long, Flaire had herself a crew.
    Not even a season passed when Flaire crossed paths with a feared corsair, Kreulir Darksail, Captain of the infamous ship, the Bloodbath. A long story short, Captain Darksail allowed Flaire to leave, but leaving her half of her original crew and no oar slaves. Beaten, Flaire set out to replenish her crew and obtain more slaves to assist in her looting of the lands.

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