Jaxyn Thyeon

  • Nickname: Jax, Jaxyn

    Full Name: Jaxyn Thyeon

    Species: Fox

    Age: 12

    Description: Jaxyn is a short light brown fox, typically clad in a dark green cloak. She has a quiver of arrows on her back, made of oak wood and tailed with bird feathers. She does have a small belt about her waist with a small dagger, just in case she would ever need it. She has a scar on her lower right leg, from a battle she had with a snake one day while traveling along. Her eyes are a dark brown, almost like chocolate, and around her muzzle is a dusty color.

    Possessions: Jaxyn has her cloak she got from her father, the bow the got from her mother, the arrows she made herself, and the dagger and belt she found while wandering about Mossflower.

        - Good eyesight
        - Good with a bow

        - Prone to tripping
        - Not good at hand to hand combat

      Jaxyn was born in midwinter to Thyeon Maxyen and Nightshade, in Mossflower Woods. Her family was born far enough away from Redwall so no good beast would mistake them for evil and kills them. She grew up well, with a life without tragedy, and Thyeon (her father) would often take her for walks around the woods. On one of the walks, an old camp was found, with the charred remains of a fire. Thyeon told Jaxyn that it was the camp of a band of foxes, not peaceful at all. On their way back, they were ambushed by the foxes. Thyeon managed to escape, but Jaxyn was caught.

    Jaxyn woke up in front of a fire, behind which sat the biggest, meanest looking fox she had ever seen. Jaxyn was only five at the time, and was scared of almost anything. The fox's name was Shadi Dusttail, leader of the foxes. Shadi was willing to keep Jaxyn alive as long as she joined their band of foxes. Jaxyn didn't see the harm in this at her age, and willingly joined. Years passed, and Jaxyn forgot about her former life.

    One day, though, Shadi was seriously injured in a raid, and he called Jaxyn to him. Shadi told Jaxyn that she could go if she wanted, and would be able to visit any time. After Shadi passed away, Jaxyn left the band to go exploring on her own. She often visits the band to see how things are going, but she normally stays alone.

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