Fool's Quest

  • The air was cold as it usually was in the early evening and the horde as usual were complaining behind their warlord's back. The Northlands weren't forgiving and neither was the vermin lord, Stargg Silverfur. To the untrained eye, he was like any warlord, but he was anything but. Looking for recruits, Stargg had little luck since his defeat at Salamandastron.
    "You fools!" Stargg shouted at his captains. The captains stood there, unflinching. "What do you mean there are no more recruits?!"
    "We did as you said, My lord." The pure black fox to his left spoke. "Give them your decree. If they don't join, kill them. Well, about a hundred joined, but still not enough to put up a good show of force back at the mountain."
    "Enough about the accursed mountain. There is another treasure I'm after." Stargg said.  "Relay these orders to the troops. We march at dawn. And death befalls anyone that isn't ready."
    Each of the captains left to do what they were ordered. Stargg looked over the bits of information he gathered leading him to the greatest weapon.

    (OOC: Badger Lord needed for this RP)

  • It was getting rather late and Kiara still couldn't find the right spot to spend the night.
    The mouse-maid decided to look a little further, before having to take whatever was there. She was in search of nice soft ground, under a mighty tree. Of course there had to be grass, she didn't want to sleep in dirt, or mud…but the grass shouldn't be too long.

    With a sigh and a tune in her head she searched on.
    It wasn't long before she saw fire up ahead. It wasn't a forest fire, it was a controlled camp fire, and by the size of it, a pretty big one.
    Hoping that it was good beasts and perhaps they would let her stay the night.
    After all, it had been so peaceful lately and news spread about the victory of Salamandastron. No beast could be that determined to do anything now.

    And so Kiara ventured closer, the only sound being the crickets in the night time air.

  • The outer guard heard some rustling nearby.
    "Go checks it out." One of the guards, a rat said.
    "Why do I have to do it?" The other , a weasel questioned.
    "Oh, alright, I'll do it." The rat said.
    He took a short walk and saw the Mousemaid peering into the camp. He quietly rounded behind Kiara, holding his rusty spear.
    "What does we have here?" The rat asked as he pointed his spear point at Kiara's head.

    Stargg was doing everything he could to figure a way out of the Northlands with the information he tortured out of his captives. Nothing made any sense to the now enraged warlord.
    "You're telling me we cannot get out of this land?" the silver fox calmly asked to his captain, the black furred Ascendra .
    "I'll send some scouts to deal with this problem, My Lord." Ascendra calmly said.
    As he walked out of the warlord's tent, he chose the two closest to search an area that would get the horde out of the north and into warmer territory. With haste the two horde beasts ran off like the devil was following them.
    Warlord Silverfur walked out of the tent.
    "The magic sword will be mine and I will do what no other has done ever." He said as the wind picked up. "I'll kill that badger and claim the mountain for myself."

  • Kiara stopped dead in her tracks.
    "I mean no harm. I'm just looking for a nice spot to sleep for the night." She said as calm as she could, though her heart was racing and her body was shaking.
    "Who are you?" She asked as she slowly turns around to face the rat. She bit her lip, knowing she'd be dead before she got an arrow notched in her bow. "Calm down, I don't have my weapon out, I am no threat to you…" She said watching the rat as much as she could with the fading light.

  • "No threat, huh? Well, missie, we'll see what the Chief sez." The rat replied to the pleas from the mousemaid.
    He pionted the spear at Kiara's throat and motioned for her to move ahead of him.

  • Kiara gasped. "OK OK. Take it easy." She said softly and turned around to start walking ahead of him.
    Perhaps when she sees this chief of his, things will be straightened out and she'll be on her way.

    And so she walked into the camp, with the rat following closely behind her with his spear in hand, keeping it close to her neck.
    She bit her lip as she looked around as they walked. Watching other vermin stop to watch them pass.

  • The vermin looked towards Kiara as she was paraded throughout the camp. The warlord's tent was a small ways away. A silver furred fox stood outside the tent. As the two approached, he walked towards the pair.
    "What do we have here?" The warlord asked.
    "I caught this one spying on us, Chief." the rat said, after issuing a salute.
    Stargg gave a hand motion and the rat left the warlord's presence.
    "Do you know who I am?" The warlord asked.

  • Kiara shook her head at the silver fox. "No, I don't." She answered him.
    "Please, I don't mean any trouble. I'm not a spy. I was just looking for a good place to spend the night. There's no need to worry, I'm just passing through." She said and backed up a little bit.

  • Marcus Streampaw gazed over the crest of a frosty hill at a veritable horde of vermin. Pulling his heavy traveling cloak close about him, the young otter leaned back onto a nearby oak tree, cautiously watching the creatures moving about below him. He would be safe here for the time being.
      Though the bitter cold sent a shiver down his spine, he knew that a fire would be ill advised, he needed to find out if the vermin were hostile before he made his presence known to them.
      In general, Marcus avoided communication with creatures he didn't know, but talking to them could be vital in finding his father. Anybeast might have encountered the old otter as he traveled about the countryside.
      After quite some time of inactivity from the camp, he decided that they probably wouldn't want to hurt a lone traveler. He began so rise to his paws when he spotted the mouse, a single female was approaching the vermin. The otter fell back down to his stomach and watched the short confrontation of those before him. He could hear voices raised in anger and eventually, the mouse prodded off into the camp.
      Marcus decided that now would probably be the best time for him to make himself known, so he pulled the longbow from his back and notched a white-fletched arrow to the supple string. Taking a deep breath and putting any second thoughts about what he was about to do out of his mind, the young otter calmly padded into the middle of Silverfur's camp….

  • Greg knew better than to let a young otter walk into a camp full of thousands of vermin.
    "Now where in the world do you think you're goin' Mister Otter?!"
    Greg hung in front of the otter by a branch before he could take another step.

  • Marcus's heart pounded out of his chest. Now that he was doing it, the young otter was thinking that maybe this wasn't the best course of action, traipsing into the middle of a vermin camp. His breath grew heaver and his webbed paws trembled slightly as he went further toward the vermin.
      Suddenly, a mouse appeared in front of him. Marcus wasn't exactly the warrior type, and he wasn't expecting such a swift entrance from another creature. He let out a loud squeak and fell backwards, startled by the face that popped up  in front of him. Tripping over his think tail, the otter fell down with a thud and sat there for a moment, holding his bow up, ready to fire if absolutely necessary.
      "I w-wasn't going anywhere, th-the mouse just n-n-needed some help I think. I was g-going to talk t-to th-them"
      The otter's face flushed bright red. Why did he have to stutter so much….

  • ( ooc - For the record guys, Kiara needs to be captured as she will be used as hostage when Silverfur tries to get Salamandastron in the future. But other than that, do as you please, maybe an escape attempt, but ultimately that's the restult 🙂 )

  • "Well then why didn't you say so? Before we go on to making a brilliant plan to save this young maid, let's formally introduce ourselves. My name is Gregory, and I'm a traveler from Redwall," Gregory said offering his paw for a shake.

    (OOC: @Kiara- got it)

  • "Sounds like something a spy would say." The warlord said with emphasis on the word spy.
    Stargg paced around Kiara. "For one that sees a large horde such as mine, you have no respect for my show of power." He paused and the chain mask that covered the left half of his face moved as Stargg let out a breath. He faced Kiara before speaking. "I am the scourge of the north, the Mighty Stargg Silverfur!" He said in his most intimidating voice, it carrying upon the wind. "What brings you into, or rather , near my camp?"

    "Why does the Chief have to get the best spot?" One of the horde rats asked to another, not realizing that Stargg's best and most loyal captain was standing behind him.
    The black fox standing behind the rat thrust his black steel cutlass into the rat.
    "Anyone else wish to voice your opinion?!" The black fox known to the horde as Captain Ascendra asked loudly.
    None answered the question.
    "I thought so." Ascendra muttered to himself. "Spineless whelps."

    (OOC: Thanks Kiara for telling the others)

  • (OOC: If anyone doesn't mind, I'll take the role of the Badger. Hopefully it'll make him a lord)

    IC: Hearing the raucous sounds, not to mention the name Stargg Silverfur, in the distance, the badger cautiously followed the sounds. Holding back his rage with all of his being at the sound of the fox's name, he listened intently for any more information the winds may carry. The badger began slightly reminiscing about the last time that he'd encountered the silver furred fox. He approached where Marcus and Gregory were making their introductions. Looking for a better vantage point to peer at the horde, the badger found no other location other than where the two stood. He walked towards Marcus and Gregory, not paying either any heed.
    As he walks by, his weapon is visible. A long pole made of an unknown wood and a strange trident head made of stone, the weapon was a head taller than its owner.
    "Those accursed vermin will pay for the deaths of so many innocent lives!" The badger spoke, uncaring who heard him.

  • Gregory slowly backed away from the badger while pushing Marcus back.
    "Step back cautiously Marcus, this badger's got the bloodwrath," Gregory whispered to Marcus.
    Gregory had seen the the effects of the bloodwrath during his travels once and it was not pretty sight to see.

  • Kiara shook her head "Please. I'm not a spy. If I was, don't you think I would have been able to defend against your rat that brought me here?" She asked him. It was a sound argument  from her stance. Watching him with her eyes as he moved around her.
        "…Silverfur...Aren't you the one who was just defeated by the beasts at  Salamandastron. Word traveled fast of their victory..."
        "I was just looking for a good place to spend the night...That's all. And I'm sure you don't want visitors, so I'll just be on my way..." She said as she stepped back away from him and turned around.

  • "Well then why didn't you say so? Before we go on to making a brilliant plan to save this young maid, let's formally introduce ourselves. My name is Gregory, and I'm a traveler from Redwall,"

    Marcus quickly rose and dusted himself off. Taking the offered paw, he shook it heartily, smiling at the mouse as he did.
      "Well, its n-nice to meet you Gregory, I'm Marcus Streampaw, from the south. I wasn't really going to rush in or anything…"
      The young otter rubbed the back of his neck, what was he thinking? Rushing into a vermin camp alone...he was making more and more mistakes... His thoughts were constantly plagued by worry for his father, contemplating the motivation for Alban's departure, and most of all; the disturbing dreams that haunted his nights.
      But now wasn't the time to wonder if he still had any hope of surviving his quest to find his father, Marcus needed to concentrate on the current problem.
      Just then, he spotted a large badger approaching them, and apparently not seeing the two.

    "Those accursed vermin will pay for the deaths of so many innocent lives!"

    The otter sighed. Badgers's lack of control over their rage often frustrated him, why couldn't they control their anger like everybeast else? And how they were so unforgiving to their foes, that frustrated him as well; mercy was one trait that Marcus truly treasured. But over all, badgers weren't bad sorts, he liked them in general, and if there was a fight, he would be invaluable.
      So he smiled cheerily and waved his thick tail at the newcomer.
      "Hold up there matey, no use rushing into something blindly"
      Marcus realized the irony of what he had just said; was he not just about to rush in and try to talk his way out of a possibly deadly situation? The otter smiled, what a fool he was.

  • Barely hearing the words that Marcus spoke, he lumbered towards the pair, while taking quick glances at the horde. Approaching Marcus and Gregory, the immense beast spoke in a deep voice, with suppressed anger and rage towards the vermin.
    "Why do you tell me do what I know already? I am not afraid of any one of them, and I'll not start  fearing them now!" The badger said a bit loudly, though not loud enough to alert the horde.
    The badger paced, thinking briefly about what to do, he kept his anger towards the horde and it's infamous leader as best he could.
    "Tell me anything you know about this horde!" The badger demanded.

  • Snarling at Kiara's poor choice of words, Stargg rose his poleaxe and swung it inches from Kiara's face, stopping mere inches from her shoulder.
    "You dare mock me in front of my troops?!" The enraged warlord spoke. "My victories and defeats are of my concerns!"
    Stargg raised his poleaxe and tossed it aside. He calmed himself down as at the realization of what she was trying to do.
    "You think that by angering me you can find a weakness in said anger, do you missie?" Stargg said as he approached her. "You're going to find a place to stay for the night, oh yes, but I doubt it'll be pleasant." The warlord pointed out two rats nearby. "Take her to the roasting spit and tie her up to a tree. If she does anything out of turn, I'll be having roast mouse for breakfast."

    the two rats walked Kiara to a tree near the spit.
    "I wouldn't anger the chief, he would kill ye as soon as look at ye." One of the rats said.
    "I wonders what roast mouse tastes like?" The other asked.
    The two rats prattled back and forth to each other, seemingly distracted.

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