Warlord Stargg Silverfur

  • Nickname: None that he'd answer to

    Name: Warlord Stargg Silverfur

    Species: Fox

    Gender: Male

    Description: Stargg has silver fur running down from his head to his feet. He wears a long black coat that he keeps open in the front. He also wears pants (Or the equivalent of pants) of the same color as his coat. Stargg is muscular, and is apparent by looking at him. He wears no head dress, but has a half chain mask that hangs over a long and deep scar that he gained during a fight long ago. The scar is surrounded by dead skin and he uses the scar to intimidate his enemies by lifting the mask. Starg gstands a head taller than any average fox.

    Possessions: Stargg carries a long poleaxe, but one that could be easily cut down and used as a battle axe. The pole is double Stargg's length with two blades that are one fourth the pole's size and about one eighth across (From the center of the pole to the end of the blade tip). Stargg also carries around poisoned tipped arrows and a Longbow that he uses on rare occasions, due to the fact he likes to get his hands dirty with his axe.

    Strengths: Stargg has immense strength and uses it well with his incredible speed and agility, even while wielding the axe.

    Weaknesses:  Stargg is overly arrogant and has much to learn about being a horde leader. He rarely takes the time to learn about his opponent, unless he knows there is a strong opponent in their ranks (I.E Badger Lord).

    Background:  Stargg began as a lowly solder in the ranks of the Captain Kreulir Darksail, a notorious sea rat. He studied everything he could about the bloodthirsty captain and throughout the seasons he became one of Darksail's most ruthless killers. Though not everything is as it seems, Stargg became tired of taking orders and began a mutiny that resolved in Stargg taking half of the crew with him to roam the lands, rather than sail the seas. Hearing of the great "Magic Sword" of Redwall, Stargg began a search for the Abbey, though got lost within Mossflower Woods.
    Giving up on that venture, he set his sights upon the great badger mountain, Salamandastron. Knowing where the mountain was. he gathered every low life scum he could gather until he had a horde equal (or what he thought was equal) to the forces that defended the mountain.
    Approximately one season later, Stargg took the opportunity to attack Salamandastron Mountain with his nearly 2,000 soldiers at his back, but not knowing what would happen, he gave the order to charge the hares full on. The horde was driven back into the mountains to come up with another attack strategy, but Stargg took the horde to the North to recruit more soldiers. Nobody has heard of the Warlord since, though many know he'll be back for the mountain.

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