Bar Fight

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    Bic:Dester was having a flask of ale in a tavern and muttering to himself."I wonder when I'll see that ol bounty hunter Runting again."He slipped out an old withered squirrel paw."Oh,there you are heh heh."He looked over and saw a creature come in.

  • A completely cowled figure strode in with an adult black otter beside him. The figure had a dark flowing cloak with his hood drawn, a special sword mounted on his back. The black otter had blood red eyes, and was in light, airy, black clothing, a short sword hung from his belt, a sack dangling beside it. His baggy pants had several pouches. The cowled figure was a little shorter than the dark otter….

    Ashton did not usually go into bars, being as he had little interest in alcoholic drinks. "Notusha, prepear meza ee bevids." the cloaked beast said to the dark otter. He nodded and left to another area of the bar, searching, apparently for an abandoned table...

  • The silver furred fox sat in the shadows, near the back of the bar. He eyed the others trying to look for recruits into his horde. Drinking an ale, he patiently waited for the others make his move. He barely keept his hands away from the pole of the axe leaning against the wall next to him.
    'Many lowlife scum come through these doors, many are easy to manipulate.'  Thought the warlord as he awaited someone that would most likely join him.

  • Dester looked over to the fox with the axe.'Silver fur aye?That'll be a nice addition to my collection.'He kept looking at the fox,making it clear he was eyeing at him.He looked back over to the cloaked figure.'I wonder who this is?'He pondered.Dester stood up and walked over to him.He put his paws behind him,leaned forward,and said"Who are you?"

  • Noticing Dester looking at him, the fox put his drink down and took the axe form the wall.
    'I wonder what he said'. The fox said as he saw Dester's mouth move.
    "It doesn't matter what he said, I'll take care of him soon enough." Stargg muttered to himself.

  • At Dester's voice, the figure turned and looked at him, a golden gaze pierced into his eyes.
    The figure drew his hood back, shaking moisture from himself remaining from the storm raging outside. He was an adolescent fox with ashen fur, who's eyes gazed into those of Dester's, showing no emotion, besides slight curiosity.

    His left ear twitched, and the fox spoke, "Who..are you?" he said. A lightning flash illuminated all for a second in a ghostly pale light: the storm raged onward..

  • Dester's fur bristled a littel when he saw the fox's eyes looking at him."I'm Dester Griplar.More commonly known as Dester the Collector."All commotion stopped when he announced his nick name,then just about every creature left save for the two foxes and the otter."Oh dreary me that seems to happen when I say that.Back to the point.."He saw the white fox coming to them."Make it who are you two?"

  • "Why does it matter who I am, if you're dead?" Stargg asked as he rose from the seat. He approached Dester, his hands on the poleaxe. "If you must know, I am known as Stargg Silverfur."

  • "I always want to know the name of my next collection item of course.What are hiding behind that mask?"He queried.He looked back at the smaller fox."I still haven't learned your name Gold Eyes."

  • The fox took a slight look at the battlesword on his back, "I am Ashton Bloodwrath, Adderwraith of Marl, traveling to eastern Mossflower for employment in my arts, have you interest, or were you just curious?"

  • "Just curious.But you.."He looked at Starrg."there is a far grimmer fate in planned for you since you threatened me."He pulled out his cleaver."You'll soon learn why I'm call Dester the Collector and why everone left."He kicked Stargg onto a table."Hehehe HAHAHA!"Dester said as he raised his cleaver.

  • Falling onto the table, Stargg looked at the cleaver.
    "You're braver than I thought, but I"m not going down that easily." Stargg shot back as he quickly recovered.
    Stargg brought his axe down against Dester.

  • Catching the blade with his cleaver but managed to get hi shoulder grazed by the axe."So you will fight back!I hate it when they don't do anything,makes it much more fun for me."He struck Stargg between the eyes with his cleaver handle,punched his diaphragm,and dropped kick him.

  • "Notusha, ahorah!!"

    Like a golden X, the otter and the fox were between the two. Te otter taking the fox and restraining him, while Ashton crossed blades with Dester. Ashton's cloak swirled with the swiftness of the action

    His sword was a long, hand-and-a-half blade: The blade was black as coal, but any reflected light from it was tinged golden. It's hilt was of the shape of two dragon wings. The handle was fine, tightly bound leather leather with the likeness of an adder on it. One the end of it was a black spike, similar to the material of which the blade was forged in.

    "Watch yourself, Dester!" the young fox said, "Leave off!"

  • "I never let off a target!Especially when they drawn my blood!"He flung Ashton out of the way and made a deep wound in the otter's shoulder and kicked him down,continuing his assult on Starrg.

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    Stargg lay on the ground, stunned by the blade's hit. As he regained his senses, he lay there, trying to formulate a plan to get the upper hand on his opponents.

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