Sebastion Holmes

  • Fenn sped back to the camp, his totally phony smile returning, and Sebastian ambled along behind him. He casually looked around, slouched and relaxed looking, but he was paying attention to every detail. He carefully avoided all the food and drink, and watched what every otter did closely. When Bellnuu and several of the male otters snuck off, Sebastian couldn't help but follow.

    Thia led Gregory and Lily back to the hallway where the cloaked beast had tried to kill her. They rounded the corner and Thia clung apprehensively to her mother's dress, but there was no one there. Lily looked around, then noticed something on the ground. She leaned down and picked up the throwing club. She turned it over in her paws and Thia watched it from below, "Gregory, have you ever seen one of these?"

  • They arrived at a deserted hallway. He was looking about the area, when Lily had picked up another clue.

    "Gregory, have you ever seen one of these?"

    Gregory took the club from her hands and inspected it. "This type of wood only grows near the ends of Mossflower near the shore. I'm not sure if I've ever seen this weapon before, it's awfully light, which makes it a good weapon. I need to recall where I saw this…" he rubbed his temples and tried to go through his memory of Mossflower. He knew he had seen an otter use one of these before. "I think it was a sea otter.....he was using it to...."he snapped his fingers.

    Then the whole scene came back to him. Gregory was walking in Mossflower when he passsed by a group of frolicking young otters playing with a club like the one in his hands.  They were passing it around to each other like a ball. "I remember now! A group of otters were playing with one! I didn't know it could be used as a weapon though. Those otters were most likely part of Kendra's holt. That means are killer is someone sent from his holt!" Finally, one question had been answered. he thought.

  • Sebastian flew up into the foliage of the treetops and started following Bellnuu and the others. He hopped from branch to branch, careful to make as little noise as possible. He followed the otters to a small clearing, where they all gathered around and started talking. With his large ears, Sebastian was able to hear fairly well what was said.
      One of the males, one of the pair that had seized Greyfang and Deadtail, spoke first, "I know it's important to keep them here, but I don't think I can keep this nice thing up for much longer."
      Bellnuu replied, "Do not trouble yourself Oren. It is only until tonight."
      The otters all nodded.
      "Now then, Sven, did you drug the food as I ordered?"
      An otter just entering adulthood nodded, "Yessir. I used the recipe you gave me. They should wake up at about a few minutes before midnight."
      "Oh yes, I'm sure they will, but you seem to have missed something," Bellnuu lashed out, raking his claws across the youth's face, "The bat hasn't eaten any! Or were you too distracted by your own drugs to notice!? We need three to complete the ritual! Three! Not two!" He wiped his claws off on the grass as the young otter quivered on the ground, "No matter though, I was able to compensate for your lack of attention myself. It's so frustrating when things go wrong, wouldn't you agree, Sebastian!?" He called out, and the bounty hunter went rigid. His ears swiveled behind him as he heard a sound, but he didn't have to react before something slammed into the back of his head.

  • Gregory, in an attempt to place himself in the killer's shoes, threw the club down the empty hallway. The club went flying gracefully chopping throught the air, and finally landed with a thud on the floor. He walked toward it and picked it right back up saying, "Yup, you could definitely kill a beast with this."

    Kneeling next to Thia, he told her, "I promise you. That Mr. Holmes and I will find your father's killer," he spoke with comforting tone. "Now we need to get you and your mother to safety. I'm taking you two to Skipper," he said knowing that they would be safe in his paws.

    In Mossflower….

    Greyfang in Deadtail were crowded by otters who fed them, massaged them,and even fanned them. They were sipping out of they're glasses when, they fell asleep abruptly. The otters, seeing that their job was done, tied up the buffoons to a tree and trundled off back to the feast relieved that they were done serving the idiots.

  • Skipper opened the door to his room when there was a knock on it. Lily stood there, with Thia clinging to her dress behind her.
      "Oh… 'Ello Mrs. Lily. Um, need somethin'?" He asked, a bit surprised.
      "Hello Skipper. I'm sorry to intrude, but Gregory said we needed to be somewhere safe, and you came to mind so..."
      Skipper waved a paw dismissively, "Pff, you ain't intrudin' marm. Tis the least I could do f'you, seein' yur situation. C'mon in," He waved them in, closing the door behind them with an ominous boom.

    Sebastian fell out of the tree, unconscious, and landed with a thud on the ground. Bellnuu walked up as Fenn came down from the tree. Bellnuu started telling all the other otters to prepare for the ritual, while Fenn sat guiltily next to Sebastian, ashamed of what he was doing, but afraid to cross his father.
      "Alright you louts, and son, grab the two rats and the bat, and take them to the clearing. I'll get things ready for the ritual here." Fenn gnawed on his knuckles as he followed the other male otters to the clearing.

  • As Skipper closed the door behind him. Gregory turned around to see a flash of black at the corner of his eyes. Making sure, he wasn't hallucinating, he scrubbed his eyes and took off after the flash. He turned the corner to find the very same hallway Thia led him to. Still doubting, he scrubbed his eyes once again to see a cloaked, black creature. It turned it's head toward the the throwing club Gregory still had in his paws and looked back at Gregory. Then it took out a knife.

    The two rat brothers, Greyfang and Deadtail, were still knocked out and tied up to a tree.Meanwhile the rest of the holt began to prepare the ritual. They had already started a big bonfire and painted their faces. Bellnuu arrived with the unconcious Sebastian yelling an unknown chant word as the rest of the holt cheered.

  • Sebastian flicked his ears as he came awake again. Feeling himself tied against what he assumed to be a tree, he lay perfectly still and just listened for a while. There was chanting going on in front of him. Crickets chirruped all around and he heard a fire going so he assumed it was night.
      Carefully, he cracked an eye open. It was indeed night, there was indeed a fire, and he was indeed tied up to a tree. On either side of him were Greyfang and Deadtail, still knocked out but stirring. He returned his attention to the fire. He estimated about thirty otters, males, females, and children, dancing and chanting around a big bonfire, almost five feet across. There was a huge iron spit held above the fire and Sebastian wondered what it was for until he spotted three, oversized wood platters that seemed to be stained deep crimson.
      Things did not look good.

    The cloaked figure slowly circled Gregory, keeping the dagger trained on him, then dashed forward, leaned down so he was striking up, and slashed at his throat.

  • Greyfang awoke to his throbbing forehead. "Whadin da world?…" he trailed off. Fear overtook the crazed rat. It didn't take a scholar to figure out what the riverdaogs were going to do to him, err... them.

    Greyfang started flailing, "Argggh! I'm tied up! I'm gonna be killed, mateys! I'm too young ta die. Take Deadtail he has more blood! No, not me!!" he kicked and wriggled. Deadtail was still fast asleep like a young dibbun and snored peacefully, not knowing where he would be when he woke up.

    He watched the cloaked figure's every move, holding up the club, he teased at it.

    "Oh! You want this!?" he mocked a look of suprise.
    The cloaked figure simply went for his throat. He jumped to the right as the dagger was a hairsbreath to his neck. "Okay, so we'll play the hard way..." he muttered to himself and took out his own dirk. The cloaked figure turned back around seeming to be more angry. They both charged on sight, then using both the club and dirk he got to slash the figure's arm that he left unguarded.

    The figure retreated for a second then attacked once again. The small blades clashed with each other and the grinding of iron was earpiercing. The dagger slid to the side and made a gash at Gregory's wrist. Gregory jumped back, as the warm liquid started to slide  down his arm. He held his dirk back on ready and went in for a second attempt. He went for the left with the club and right with the dirk.

    The cloaked one appeared to be a weapons master because every blow was easily deflected or parried away.  Gregory wiped the sweat once more with his brow, and wondered to himself, "Why isn't anybeast coming?"

  • Sebastian winced and flattened his ears against his head as Greyfang started wailing like a wounded toad. The movement of the prisoners caught the eye of all the otters. Everything went eerily quiet, except for the crackle of the bonfire, as the dancing, chanting otterswatched the flailing Greyfang, the stoic bat, and the unconscious rat.
      His cover blown, Sebastian took a closer look around. Over the tops of the trees he could see blackish blue triangles that he recognized as mountains. In the light of the huge fire, the friendly group of otters transformed. Their paws were trembling, their eyes seemed to be sunken into their skulls; he saw the two little maids that had served Greyfang and Deadtail. They were looking at Greyfang and grinning widely.
      He grimaced and pulled his head back with revulsion. Their teeth were stained red and filed down to little points.
      "So, you're awake are you?"
      Sebastian turned his head and glowered as Bellnuu walked up. Fenn was trailing along behind him. The young otter looked shy, ashamed even, and refused to meet Sebastian's gaze.
      "I assume we can all drop the charades now?" Sebastian asked calmly as he tried to think of a way to escape.
      "Bellnuu smiled. His teeth weren't filed, "They do seem rather superfluous now don't they?"
      "It would appear that way," Sebastian remarked. A dark shape flashed across the sky. It looked something like a bird. As Sebastian tried to think of what it could be, he asked, "So what do you plan to do to us?"
      Bellnuu smiled, "Well, first, we're going to slit your throats and drain all the blood from your bodies, then we're going to cook you, then…" He continued with a gruesome list of deeds but Sebastian paid absolutely no attention. He'd realized what the dark figures flying overhead were, and which mountain they were near.
      He leaned a little closer to Greyfang and whispered out the corner of his mouth, "How high can you scream?"

    "Why isn't anybeast coming?"
      At that moment, as Gregory was asking himself this, Skipper was in the hallway, reassuring worried Redwallers that there was nothing wrong. Gregory was just practicing a play.
      "Are you sure Skipper? It sounds awfully real to me," Lily said as a yell came down the hall.
      "Don't ya worry marm. Tis just Gregory preparin' a little cheer for tonight's supper. 'Lieve me marm, after all," He glanced behind him, down the hall, and a glint of something sinister flashed in his eyes, "Ya can trust me."

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