Dawn Stormbreeze

  • Nicknames: Dawn

    Full Name: Dawn Stormbreeze

    Species: Mouse

    Age: 24

    Height: 5 Foot 10 Inches

    Description: Dawn’s eyes are a sparkling light blue. Her fur is light brown and soft. She is very well formed and pretty. Though Dawn is thin, she is all muscle. She is a lot stronger than most beasts think at first sight. She often appears bored and disinterested. Dawn tends to be blunt and rude. When she sees an enemy or is bothered she loses her temper very quickly. Dawn wears a short sky blue tunic about a foot longer than her waist. Her tunic has no sleeves. She wears a belt that goes around her waist that has a attached shoulder strap. Dawn wears a silvery (I just mean its silver colored ^^) shoulder plate on her left shoulder. It used to be part of her father’s armor.

    Possessions: Dawn’s weapon is an ornate two pawed broadsword that belonged to her father. It is about half as long as Dawn is tall. She wears in a sheath over her back. In either ear she wears a silver earring with a small blue gem sit into it.

        - Good Broadsword Fighter
        - Agile

        - Bad at firing missile weapons like bows, crossbows, etc.
        - Dawn is a good sprinter, but lacks the stamina for long runs.


    Dawn was the only daughter of Bram and Nessa Stormbreeze. She had three brothers, all who were older than her. Because she was the only girl, she was always her father’s favorite. Her parents were simple farming beasts who lived off the land. The family lived in a clearing in Mossflower. They didn’t know how to fight, and they didn’t need to.
    When Dawn was 10, Bram took her to the River Moss a few miles from their house. While they were gone, a stoat by the name of Ashtooth attacked the house with his gang. They burnt the farm to the ground and killed everyone inside. Bram and Dawn returned to the site of the carnage and were petrified with shock. The sight of her dead mother and brothers was burned into Dawn for life.
    After Bram buried his dead family members, he set about providing for himself and Dawn. The soil in the clearing was burnt and filled with ash, making it useless for growing. Also, Bram could not have been able to stand living on the ground where his wife had died. So he set up lean-to near the River Moss. He fished to feed himself and Dawn, while learning from a swordbeast to fight encase the vermin came back. When Dawn was old enough, he taught her how to fight too.
    One day, when Dawn was 18, her father set out to kill Ashtooth and avenge his family. He told Dawn to stay home so she would not be hurt. Bram challenged Ashtooth to a duel, which he would have won had not Coldblade, his second in command, stabbed Bram in the back. Bram managed to drag himself back to the river, where Dawn found him. With his dying breath, he commanded her to kill Ashtooth and avenge her family, no matter what.
    Dawn buried Bram by the river, and took up his armor and sword in his stead. She found that the armor was too heavy for her, and decreased her natural agility, so she only wears one shoulder plate. Leaving her old life behind, Dawn went out into Mossflower, slaying vermin and searching for Ashtooth. She has visited Redwall before, but finds real goodbeasts to be a little too soft for her. As such, she is not really a goodbeast, or a bad one. She is tough, fends for herself, and trusts nobeast.

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