Jerico Natch

  • Nickname:Bing,Jeri

    Fullname:Jerico Natch



    Appearance:Jerico is 6'4 and has dark brown fur.His eyes are dark blue.His paws are slightly lighter than the rest of him.

    Description:He is a born fighter.His favorite pass times is sparring and paw to paw combat.He isn't a cold hearted killer.He fights for sport and only kills in war.

    Possessions:He has a pair of daggers he calls skullsplitters.There daggers attached to brass knuckles.A odd weapon he calls a"flying guillotine" ooc:not sure if they have guillotines in Redwall time.Please correct me if wrong.Bic:A short staff,and a pike.

    Strengths:He is a powerful fighter.He can snap a rib in a single punch.His skull splitters can cut your throat even if he misses a punch.He is a strategist genus.

    Weakness:He taunts and picks at somebody until they fight him.He can be over confident.He'll fight any thing.

    Background:He was born in a classic ferret home.Steal,fight,and kill that's how he was raised,but he never really followed the steal and kill part.He did,however,love to fight.He always fought his two older brothers and usually came out on top.After he was sixteen he left the violent loving place he called home and carried out his dream of being a master of a warrior trainer.In fact he taught Danker and Prattel to fight.He doesn't have a training arena so you got to find him.He is currently living in a hut in Mossflower.

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