• Name: Dug
    Speices: Wolverine
    Gender: male
    Age: 37
    Physical Appearance: Dug is 9 feet tall and is a tanish grey color. He has long hair and long claws. He wears a smock, a leather chest piece, and leather pants. He has a large belt runing from his left shoulder to his right thigh to hold his large battle axe on his back.
    Possessions: He has a large battle axe. The rest is in his home.
    Personality: If you have money hes your best friend but if you don't he will be your worst enemy. He will stand up for what he thinks is right even if it will cost him his life.
    Strengths: He is extremly strong and is resouceful and will use any weapon that comes to paw during a battle.
    Weaknesses: He is not very bright. He cant control himself during battle and will strike out at all in his range untill he calms down.
    History: Dug origanly came from a land to the far north where wolverines were roylty. He was the only air to the thrown after his father who was the king at the time. Even though he was supossed to become the next king he still wouldnt be able to complete his dream, to own and run his own bar. In this kingdom the royl family was not aloud to do "comenner" jobs. At one exacution Dugs father told Dug to kill the offender but Dug was not evil like all the other wolverines. Because of this the king had Dug banished from the kingdom(wihch shows you how smart he was). Since Dug was no longer in the kingdom and no longer bound to its laws he was able to complete his dream and make his bar. He went south as far away from the kingdom as he could till he found castle Floret. He went to the king and asked him for land to make his bar on. After much convinceing the king let Dug own some land near the roadside to make his bar on. That is how he came to live in Southward.
    Relationships: Dug still has family in the wolverine kingdom but he swore to never return there.
    Other: His bar is conected to his house and his forge. In the forge he creates weapons that rival that of the badger lords.

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