• Jerret's feet drifted back and forth as the swift current of River Moss swirled around the quiet eddy he had his feet in.  He'd been traveling all day but had still not caught up to his sister.
    Drat she could move fast when she wanted to.
    Jerret's rudder like otter tail slapped on the soft ground of the embankment he was sitting on.
    He was not happy. Not happy at all. If his sister hadn't been such a bumbling idiot, he wouldn't be in this mess right now.
    Jerret calmed down. His sister wasn't a bumbling idiot and he knew it. She was just…
    Jerret sighed and stood up. Streaching his back, he pondered the situation. Now that he had reached River Moss, (Which he was sure was how his sister was currently traveling), he'd be sure to catch up. She wasn't nearly as good a swimmer as Jerret. Jerret hoped that by midday, he would have caught up to his sister.
    Redwall He thought My sister has got quite an imagination
    His sister had only talked about Redwall for the past week but no one had actually expected her to take off. Not until after the accident that is.
    Now I've got to go and fetch her back
    Jerret groaned. Being a bigger brother was a tough life when your sister so pig headed.
    Sighing again, Jerret stepped to the edge of the embankment. With a swift dive, he was in the water and again in persuit of his sister.

    What Jerret didn't realize was that his sister was not the only one being tracked. From a bush nearby, a pair of eyes watched as the form slipped into the water. After Jerret had been gone for several minutes and the beast was sure he was a good distance again, he stepped out and dived into the water himself after the beast.

    Several Hours later, Jerret was again on an embankment resting his sore body.
    Shades, she could move. He thought. Although he had been traveling all day, he still had not caught site of his sister.
    "What am I going to do?" He said aloud.
    "Maybe I can help." Came the unexpected response.
    Jerret whirled around to see who had spoken.

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  • A slim, tall female squirrel stood looking at him about twenting feet away. She was spinning a loaded sling and leaning against a thin sapling. She wore simple travel gear and a forest cloak with the hood dropped to her shoulders. She stepped forward and stopped directly in front of him and let the sling wrap around her paw.
        "I'm boared with running from clumsy soldiers and amature trackers. I'm ready for a bigger challenge, and it appears that you may be capable of giving that to me. Am I right?"

    -ooc- Refer to "Runaway" for quick introduction to Rosen Squirrelking.

  • Jerret looked cautiously at the squirrel. He wasn’t sure if he should trust her but in the end decided to anyway. “I’m looking for my sister.” He said, “She’s about my size but is missing her right ear. Have you seen her?”

  • Rosen lifted an eyebrow, "Missing an ear,huh? I think I saw somthing like that. But how do I know to trust you and can you supply me with the information I need if I do tell you?"

  • "Do you know your way to redwall Abbey?" She continued. "I have somthing important to do and I have to find the abbey to do it. So if I help you find your sister you'll have to give me directions. Deal?"

  • Suddenly their conversation was interupted with  an arrow wizzing by and buried itself deep in the trunk of the aspen they had been talking near. then a big muscular forest rat leapt to the ground. "Give my everyting youse got n' me might let ye go!"

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  • Rosen crouched down and whipped out a broadsword, behind her back she started spinning her sling with a metal shard in it. Stepping backward she asked, "Hello, Who might you be? Besides a theif and an overly confident bully." She added after a moment, "Why do you think we would have anything of value anyway?"

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  • "travelers usually have secret abouts somesthing" the burlly rat replied. he was tall and horrofiing to look at. his jaw was offset from many fights and a deep ugly scar running right across his chest

  • Rosen chuckled, "You remind me of Hisk before they covered him in that ugly armor, even that was an imrovement though I guess. Now answer me please, what is it you want? Ask quickly or I'll chose for you." She showed him the laoded sling meaningfully. By this time it was humming with extreme speed.
        Rosen was glad the rat had left Jerret out of this for the most part. It was better to let her talk to the menace. She had experience in this.

  • "Easy little maid!" the supposed rat said taking off a mask and reveiling a large otter head." I have to be cautious around here cause i stepped on tons of toes round here. you going to redwall ey. i now the way but i will not set foot on the redwall path, cause i am an outlaw as you might say."

  • Rosen jumped when the voice changed and the mask came away. Then she shugged and let the sling wrap around her paw, careful, of course, not to let the shard hit her paw to hard.
        "So you know Redwall? How do you get there?"

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    A smooth, silvery voice, that was not unpleasant, came from the brush. It said, "Redwall? You wouldn't mind showing me the way, would you?" A fairly well-dressed fox, with pure black fur, stepped out. "You see, I was planning to see the Abbey of legend before I continue on my way, but I appear to have lost my way." He smiled innocently.

  • Criegon turned on a dime drawing an otter javelin. that voice could charm birds from trees if they didn't know that a fox with a sleek voice can be dangerous. "What do you want with Redwall Abby?" the otter asked.

    -ooc- if you plan to raid redwall then you have to get permission from legacy. Just for heads up

  • "Well this is all very interesting and all." said Jerret, "But I really need to get going." Turning toward the Criegon, he asked. "You say you know how to get there? If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to know so that I can leave before anything else holds me up. I'm in kind of a hurry here."

  • Rosen interjected, "I saw your sister earlier. But if you really don't want to know what happened than I guess I can't do much about it." She stood up and started to leave.

  • "What about him?" Creigon said pointing with his spear at the silvery fox.

  • Robert raised his paws defensively. "Me? I merely wish to stay for a bit and rest. I had heard Redwall was a place of hospitality." He smiled innocently.

    -OOC- I don't plan to raid Redwall. Especially because a horde of 1 can't do much.

  • Rose eyed his suspiciously. She wasn't too sure about him and redwall being put together in the same sentance. It seemed kind of like an oxymoron.

  • It would have been obvious to anyone, if they had passed by on that road at that moment, that all of the creatures involved in the strange and apparently chance gathering on the road were suspicious of one another, though some were trying to hide it. Obviously tense and leary in the darkness of the forest–a darkness that was only deepened by the storm clouds that had been gathering all day--each stood on their guard, watchful of the others.
    After Robert's declaration of innocence, the group stood in silence for a few long moments (OOC: VERY long moments, from the look of this dead post! lol) with only the sound of the wind as it tangled the branches of the surrounding trees and twisted through the cloaks, tugged at the small baggage, and tinkled through the jewelry of each creature.
    What might have been said next will never be known. At that moment, the storm broke. The first stroke it made was a lightening bolt aimed at somewhere in the Mossflower woods. It struck a huge limb on an old and dying tree above the chance meeting on the path.
    As the limb came crashing down, most of the creatures on the path scattered. One unfortunate soul froze and was buried in a heavy mass of wet leaves.

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