Tarren Dabe

  • Nicknames:Priest

    Full Name:Tarren Dabe




    Description:He is 5'10 and is usually found walking around admiring nature.He likes to give advice to though who need it and also receive advice so that he may better himself.

    Appearance:He has rust colored fur and green eyes.One of his ears is clipped due to small fight he got into with a crow when it tried to steal his lunch.

    Possesions:He has a holy book (I don't know what religion the Redwall comunity practices),simple clothes nothing real fancy.No weapons,and a amulet with his families crest.

    Strengths:He is good at negotiating things.He's a good runner.He's very honest.He is also very trustworthy.He won't back down.He sense a creatures inner feelings.

    Weakness:He is a pacifist and won't fight.He can't stand violence.If it's just rough housing he's fine with it.He is very stubborn.

    Background:He was born in a warrior family but he never wanted to carry on the tradition of being the next head warrior.He always valued knowledge over power and was often found reading books rather than training.He wanted to be a priest when he saw a group of vermin slain for no apparent reason.When he asked why his father said "There vermin,there always going to kill until there killed."Tarren never understood this and at the age of seventeen,he left.Now he acts as a Redwall's priest.

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