Zabe (non-trad. char.)

  • Name: Zabe

    Nickname: Z Babe

    Species: Fox angel

    Description: Z Babe is five [animal] feet tall and 135 [animal] pounds. He has red fur, with white paws, a white muzzle, a white tail tip, white ears, blue eyes, a mop of grey hair, and white angel wings six feet in wingspan.
    -Z Babe wears a loose white coat with gold trim and collar. He always wears it open in the front. He wears a pair of small, square red tinted glasses on the end of his muzzle. He wears maroon pants and a maroon belt with a gold buckle. He's got purple gloves with no fingers, and red tap shoes.
    -Z Babe is a jazz man. He is always in a good mood and is always tapping his foot when he's trying to stand still. At all other times, he's outright dancing. He always does what's right and can pull even the most hopelessly depressed souls up on their feet and get them dancing.
      "The Z Babe likes the music."–The Z Babe

    Possessions: Z Babe has no possessions other than his clothes. If the occasion is dire, he will summon a sword of light.

      "Wheeeeeeeeeee!!"--Zabe, flying for the first time.

      "Why are you here?"
      "You are all in terrible danger from a demented, demon possessed madman, and I was sent to help."
      stunned "how..."
      Sticks a thumb at his wings "Angel."

      "OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH!!!! I love this song!!"

    -Loathes violence
      "Oh god, more stupidity."

    -Short attention span
      "Huh? Wha?"

    Background: Zabe used to be a fox in the tropical islands to the southeast. His entire life, he was very sad because of all the stuff he saw his fellow vermin doing. He found some solace in jazz, but that still didn't fix anything. He felt this way his entire life, until the day a storm rose and a tsunami crashed into his seaside village. He was swept out to sea along with a tiny babe. The babe had a broken arm, so it couldn't swim.
      Five days after the storm, everyone was on the beach, crying for their lost ones, when Zabe washed up on the shore, with the babe on his back. He had swum for 120 hours straight to get the babe to land, and had died just a few feet off shore.
      Now, he works as a guardian angel. Some of his more notable assignments...

    ~~  He sent guiding dreams to several badger lords.
    ~~  He welcomed Finnbar Galedeep at the dark forest gates.
    ~~  He protected the babe for the rest of its life.

    He is also a good friend of Martin and Matthias the warriors.

  • This is very nice.It makes me happy.

  • You remind me of Z Babe…horrible pun

  • So, I've never heard of an Angel before. In Redwall I mean.

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