• Nickname: M, Mars

    Full Name: Marideth

    Species: Black squirrel

    Description: Mars is precisely four [animal] feet tall. Yes, he is short. He is 93 [animal] pounds. He has jet black fur, a huge bushy tail, one eye, and only one paw.
    -He wears a black jacket, a maroon eyepatch, and has a large steel hook to replace his paw, with a brass base.
    -Mars is always ready and eager for a fight. He is always boasting about his accomplishments, and more often than naught, embellishes them. Can always be persuaded to cut a deal.
      "Call me 'hobbit' and die! I once fought off an entire ship of corsairs!"–Mars' temper and tendency to exaggerate.

    Possessions: On the inside of his jacket, Mars keeps an endless supply of cleavers, daggers, and other such implements of ouch.
      "I got whatever you want, long as you got what I want."--Mars' bottomless pockets.

    -He has everything in his jacket. Flint and steel, corkscrew, knife, miniature statuettes. He's the Swiss army squirrel!
    -Lady's man. After he tweaks their tail, most women throw ale or something more solid in his face.
      "Wuh'hello there beautiful."--Mars, just before her fist flattens his nose.

    -He knows no fear. Bravery.
      "HAHAHA!!! Come at me ye vermin swine!"---Mars' confidence.

    -He knows no fear. Brain impaired.
      "Is that danger? I love danger!"--Idiot.

    -Blind on one side...
      "Come over here and say that to my face! No! The other side!" a bat.

    -One paw.
      "Of course I've got one pa. I've got one ma too... Hey! Wait a minute!"--Thick as a mountain.

    Background: Mars grew up in Noonvale for his entire childhood, but when he turned twenty two, he got into a fight at the bar and lost his eye. He was banished for attempted murder (He was framed) so he headed north. After losing his paw to a pack of wolves, he decided to go south.

    When he reached the River Moss, he teamed up with a few shrews and headed over the mountains. When he got to the other side, he got separated from the shrews and ran into a weasel named Prestor. After several days of begging, Mars convinced Prestor to make him a hook to replace his paw. After that, he headed in a horseshoe shape around Mossflower to the plains beyond.

  • Ha,he's funny.He's alot like Horty from Loamhedge.Bragging wise any way.

  • Nice work. I enjoyed reading it, and that's something, since most profiles are only for info, not humor. But this was a pleasant exception.

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